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Best DJ Software

Many people get into DJing thinking that it will be something that they can get into overnight. While it's not that easy and you are going to endure a bit of a learning curve, the following DJ software will help you get up to speed quickly. In this article, we are going to share the best DJ software on the market today.

09/06/2023 04:23 pm GMT

What to Consider Before Buying DJ Software

What to Consider Before Buying DJ SoftwareWhat is your budget for DJ software?

What is your budget for DJ software?DJ software can vary in price from free versions to expensive programs. While many people can get away with a free version, quite a few DJs prefer their specific software to do their Job better.

What should you look for when buying DJ software?

What should you look for when buying DJ software?Most DJ software programs let you test out the software before buying it. You should know whether you are looking for inexpensive DJ software because you are a beginner, or if you are more advanced and need the software to be able to work for your skill level.

The Best DJ Software

The Best DJ SoftwareBelow we have listed the best software for DJing based upon what the pros use, budgets, and overall reviews.

Ableton Live 10 Suite Multitrack Recording Software

Ableton Live DJ SoftwareAbleton Live is one of the most popular DJ software available today. Anytime you see a popular DJ on stage spinning, there is a good chance that they are using Ableton Live on stage. Ableton Live is not the traditional DJ software though that emulates turntables and a mixer. Instead, it's a much more flexible and unique program that allows the DJ to create arrangements and FX sounds on the fly. Ableton Live allows DJs to blur the line between their performance in the studio and the performance on stage.

Ableton Live 10 Suite Multitrack Recording Software
  • This item is shipped as a download card with a serial code and instructions to redeem your software from the Ableton Website
  • Multitrack audio recording and MIDI sequencing of software and hardware instruments
  • Unique session View for nonlinear composition, flexible performance and improvisation
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09/06/2023 04:23 pm GMT


  • Many of today's top DJs use Ableton Live
  • Can be used both as a DAW and DJ software
  • Up to 16 tracks
  • More than 1,500 sounds included


  • Does not offer the traditional two decks and a mixer standard DJ layout

Serato DJ Pro Software

Serato DJ Pro SoftwareThe New Zealand-based company Serato is a go-to DJ software many DJs today. Serato and Native Instruments have been the go-to DJ software for years. The main purpose of Serato is that the DJ software should work seamlessly with DJ controllers with as little effort as possible. Because of this, Serato is one of the best DJ software available on the market, especially for beginners.

The Serato DJ Pro Software is a minimal dark-colored DJ software. In Serato DJ Pro Software, there is now Day Mode which makes using Serato DJ Pro easier to use in bright conditions. The software displays the current tracks BPM, the time elapsed and time remaining. Within the software, DJs are able to easily create playlists or “crates.”

Best Price
Serato DJ Pro Software
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09/06/2023 02:53 pm GMT


  • Easy to use
  • Plug and play
  • Pulls songs from existing iTunes library
  • Triggers up to 32 samples


  • Fewer samples than some of its competitors

3. Native Instruments TRAKTOR Pro

Native Instruments TRAKTOR Pro DJ SoftwareThis article would not be complete without mentioning Native Instrument's TRAKTOR Pro DJ software. Whether you are new to DJing or looking to upgrade to a more traditional setup, you can't go wrong with TRAKTOR Pro which is available on both Mac and PC. The affordable, user-friendly software is also used by some of the world's biggest DJs today.

The mixer layout has channel faders, EQs, and crossfaders placed between the decks with filter, keylock, cue, pan, and gain on adjacent columns. While there is quite a bit to learn on TRAKTOR Pro, this is one of the most popular softwares for DJing today.

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  • Range of supported software
  • Competitive price
  • Used by many of today's most popular DJs


  • Can be difficult to learn

4. Mixxx

Mixxx DJ SoftwareMixxx is a free and open-sourced software for DJing. With its initial release back in 2001, Mixxx has become a popular solution for DJing. This free DJ software can be controlled with MIDI and HID controllers as well as vinyl records in addition to a computer keyboard and mice. Since its release, Mixxx has been downloaded over 1 million times.


  • BPM, Key Detection & Sync
  • DJ Controller support
  • Effects
  • Vinyl record control
  • Free


  • Lacks functionality offered by many other DJ software
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