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EDMsauce Interview: Cody Chase, Musical Influences

Join us in this interview as we delve into the musical journey of Cody Chase, a rising star in the Electronic music scene. From his earliest memories of Benny Benassi's “Hypnotica” to the profound influence of legends like Tiësto and Carl Cox, Cody shares the pivotal moments and artists that have shaped his unique sound, he talks about how he draws inspiration from genres outside the Electronic realm.

With a focus on authenticity and innovation, Cody Chase invites us to explore the dynamic landscape of Electronic music through his lens.


Hi Cody! How are you today?


Hey there! I'm doing fantastic, thanks for asking! I’m enjoying life as a new Dad


Can you share some of the earliest musical memories or experiences that

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sparked your interest in Electronic music?


My earliest musical memories that drew me into the world of Electronic music have some vivid highlights, particularly Benny Benassi's “Hypnotica” from 2003 and Tiësto's “In Search of Sunrise 1.” Benny Benassi’s album was a game-changer for me; the electrifying energy of tracks like “Satisfaction” really opened my eyes to the raw power of electronic beats and how they could command a crowd. It was so fresh and unlike anything I had heard before. His driving saw wave synths still make their way into my music today.

On the other side, Tiësto’s “In Search of Sunrise 1” was a masterclass in Trance music. The way Tiësto curated the tracks and blended them into a journey that felt both personal and expansive—it was magical. The emotional depth and the uplifting melodies were transformative and showed me the potential of electronic music to evoke feelings and create unforgettable experiences.

Both albums played a huge role in shaping my musical tastes and aspirations, inspiring me to explore how to create sounds that both energize and deeply connect with the audience. I think that Electro House and trance almost find a happy middle ground in Techno where I we find my sound today. They were definitely foundational in my journey into becoming an electronic music artist.


Which artists or DJs had the most significant influence on your decision to pursue

a career in Electronic music, and how did they impact your style?

Carl Cox has been more than just a musical influence; he has been a paradigm of what a DJ and producer can aspire to become in the electronic music world. His career spanning over four decades is not just impressive because of its longevity but because of how he has remained relevant and revered in an industry that sees trends come and go with rapid speed.

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Carl’s residencies, notably his iconic stint at Space Ibiza, have become the stuff of legend. For me, witnessing his ability to command a dance floor where each set felt like a journey through the best of Techno, House, and beyond, really underscored the power of live DJ performances. He could take a crowd of thousands from a simmer to a boil with seamless transitions and an unmatched selection of tracks, showing a profound understanding of crowd dynamics.

His performances at Ultra Music Festival further cemented his status. Here was Carl Cox, often in the midst of a lineup filled with the biggest names in Electronic music, yet his sets always stood out for their authenticity and vibe. He wasn't just playing tracks; he was curating an experience, something I aim to replicate in my own shows. Each performance is an opportunity to not just play music but to create a moment, an atmosphere that people will remember.

Carl’s prowess across multiple genres, from Acid House to Techno and even some elements of Progressive House, without ever being pigeonholed, has inspired my own musical explorations. He teaches through his actions that true artists are never static; they are always evolving yet retain an essence that is unmistakably theirs. This balance between innovation and authenticity is something I strive for in my music production. I want my tracks to feel fresh and modern but also carry a signature sound that listeners can identify as distinctly ‘Cody Chase.'

Moreover, his role as the ‘King of the Underground' isn’t just about his music; it’s about his ethos. Carl Cox has always been a figure who supports the scene, champions upcoming artists, and stands up for what he believes in. His commitment to the underground scene, despite the temptations to commercialize, has shown me the importance of integrity in this industry. It’s about crafting a legacy that supports and elevates the community that surrounds it.

Influenced by Carl Cox's illustrious career, my aim is not just to play music but to live it, breathe it, and contribute to it in a way that respects its past and shapes its future. Every set I play is a nod to the legends like him who paved the way, mixed with my own vision for where electronic music can go.


Can you give us a top 3 all time favorite tracks for you, in any genre?


Picking just three tracks is always tough, but these ones definitely stand out for me across genres and eras.

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First up, “99 Problems” by Jay-Z. This track is a masterclass in storytelling and production, crafted by the legendary Rick Rubin. It’s not just the gritty lyrics that get you, but the way the beat hits hard with that iconic guitar riff. What really makes “99 Problems” stand out is its raw portrayal of street life and personal challenges, wrapped up in a hard-hitting delivery. Jay-Z’s ability to weave complex narratives into catchy, impactful music has always inspired me, reminding me that every good track tells a story. Plus, if I was a fighter, this would be my walk-out song. 

Next, Led Zeppelin's “Immigrant Song.” This track is a powerhouse of Rock music, characterized by its driving riff and Robert Plant’s unmistakable vocals. The energy it exudes is electrifying; it's like an anthem of rebellion and raw power. The way it captures the spirit of adventure and conquest has always resonated with me. It’s one of those timeless tracks that pumps you up, no matter what era you’re in, and its influence is evident across many genres of music, including some elements of electronic music.

Lastly, my own track, “Lift Me Up.” While it hasn’t been released yet, the time and effort poured into this track have made it one of my all-time favorites. It’s a Tech House track that I believe captures the essence of a summer festival anthem, much like John Summit’s “Where You Are.” “Lift Me Up” is designed to energize and inspire, with uplifting beats and a melody that sticks with you long after the festival is over. Creating this track felt like channeling everything I love about electronic music into a single expression of joy and dance-floor connection. I'm truly excited for it to reach ears around the world and hopefully become a staple in many summer playlists.


Are there any specific genres or sub genres within electronic music that you find

particularly inspiring or influential in your work? Throughout your career, you've showcased a diverse range of sounds, from Tech House to more Techno tracks, how do you go about drawing inspiration from various genres and incorporating them into your music?


In my work, I'm particularly drawn to the dynamic and synergistic elements of Techno, Tech House, and Bass music. Each of these genres brings something unique to the table, creating a rich tapestry of sounds that I love to weave into my tracks.


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Techno is foundational for me, especially because of its driving beats and deep, relentless basslines. There's a hypnotic quality to techno that captures the essence of electronic music's power to move people—not just physically on the dance floor, but emotionally and mentally, in a near-transcendent experience. The energy and stamina of techno tracks make them perfect for keeping the momentum going, especially during peak nighttime sets.


Tech house, on the other hand, offers a playful balance to the sternness of techno. It incorporates catchy vocals and intricate percussion, making it accessible and engaging. The groove-oriented nature of Tech House is irresistible, and it provides a fantastic framework for experimentation. I love using Tech House elements to add warmth and character to my music, ensuring that each track isn’t just heard but felt on a more visceral level.


Bass music influences are also integral to my sound, primarily through the use of powerful basslines that add a robust, earthy depth to tracks. The visceral impact of bass music, with its complex drops and textured layers, allows me to create a sensory-rich experience in my productions. This genre's versatility is a huge asset, enabling me to dial up the intensity and drama of a track, ensuring it packs a punch whether played in a small club or a large festival setting.


By blending these elements—Techno's drive, Tech House’s rhythm, and the impactful nature of Bass—I aim to create a sound that is not only diverse and multifaceted but also cohesive and unmistakably ‘Cody Chase'. This fusion not only defines my unique style but also pushes me to continually evolve and innovate within the electronic music landscape.


Can you highlight some nonElectronic music genres or artists outside the

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Electronic realm that have influenced your musical creativity?


Growing up around NYC in the '90s, I had the unique pleasure of tuning into Q104.3 with my dad, a station that's practically a treasure trove of classic rock. This early exposure to some of the giants of Rock music has significantly shaped my musical creativity, even within the electronic music I produce today.

Artists like The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin from those Q104.3 sessions left a lasting impression on me. The Rolling Stones, with their gritty, enduring sound and remarkable way of telling stories through music, taught me the power of narrative in songwriting. Their tracks have a rebellious spirit and a raw energy that I find myself drawn to, trying to encapsulate that same vigor in my electronic productions.

Led Zeppelin’s mastery of complex compositions and their mythical lyrical references also deeply influenced my approach to music. Their ability to blend hard Rock with elements of Folk, Blues, and even psychedelia opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of genre-blending, something that's become a cornerstone of how I approach my own music.

From the world of hip-hop, artists like Jay-Z and Dr. Dre have been just as influential. Jay-Z's storytelling prowess and Dr. Dre's legendary production skills have inspired me to focus not just on the beats but also on the overall auditory experience of my tracks. Their work has taught me the importance of precision in production and the impact of well-crafted lyrical narratives.

The influence of Biggie, with his smooth flows and compelling, vivid storytelling, has shown me how powerful words can be in painting a picture for the listener, an element I consider crucial when incorporating vocals into my tracks.

Lastly, an artist like STS9, who blends Rock and Electronic music, has shown me the seamless possibilities between genres. Their use of live instruments alongside electronic elements has encouraged me to experiment with blending organic and electronic sounds, pushing the boundaries of what Electronic music can encompass.

Each of these artists, though outside the electronic realm, has contributed to the depth and diversity of my musical palette, encouraging a fusion of styles that makes my work stand out. They've all instilled a passion for experimentation and a respect for musical heritage, which I strive to reflect in every track I create.

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Can you tell us about some of your collaborations with other artists and how they

influenced your music? And, if there’s an artist, or a few, you’d like to work with in

the near future?


Collaborations have been a fantastic way for me to expand my musical horizons and blend different styles and vibes into my productions. Currently, I'm working on a Techno track with Hiboo, an artist whose energy and creativity bring a whole new dimension to the sound. This collaboration is particularly exciting as it pushes me deeper into the techno realm, challenging me to refine my beats and synthesize our styles into something unique and compelling. Hiboo's approach to Techno is raw and immersive, which complements my style and helps create a track that's both powerful and haunting.

Additionally, I've recently sent a Tech House instrumental over to Dashius Clay, a supremely talented rapper from Miami. I'm thrilled about this because his energetic and distinctive rap style is perfect for the vibrant and rhythmic base of the Tech House genre. Incorporating Dashius Clay’s vocals is set to add a dynamic layer to the track, blending the pulsating energy of tech house with the gritty, expressive power of rap. This collaboration represents a fusion of genres that excites me, as it not only broadens my musical landscape but also aims to create something fresh and appealing for the listeners.

Looking ahead, I'm eager to explore more collaborative opportunities that challenge the conventional boundaries of Electronic music. Working with artists who are not traditionally from the Electronic music scene, like instrumentalists or vocalists from different music genres, would be particularly exciting. This type of collaboration can introduce new textures and sounds to my work, enriching my musical expression and reaching wider audiences.


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Many Electronic music producers draw inspiration from their surroundings or

personal experiences. Are there any specific life events or locations that have inspired your music in a notable way?


Becoming a new dad and husband has profoundly influenced my musical journey and creative expression. While my sound typically gravitates towards the dark, grungy atmosphere suited for an intense Techno rave, these significant life changes have inspired me to explore and incorporate themes of love and connection into my music. This shift reflects the profound emotions I've experienced in my personal life—emotions that deepen and enrich the narrative I want my music to tell.

Attempting to capture the essence of these new feelings, I aim to create tracks that, while they might start with the familiar intense and dark tones, gradually evolve to include uplifting and lighter elements. This balance mirrors my own life experiences—where intense and deep emotions coexist with profound joy and love. It’s about crafting a musical journey in my sets that reflects the duality of life, taking listeners from the depths of a dark, pulsating techno floor to the euphoric highs of experiencing pure bliss and connection.

In essence, I'm weaving the love I have for my family into the fabric of my music, allowing it to guide the creative process and bring a new dimension to my work. This integration not only makes my music more personal and heartfelt but also connects with the audience on a deeper level, offering them a sonic journey that uplifts, surprises, and moves them emotionally and physically. It’s a reminder that not everything in the world of electronic music has to be dark; there's room for light and shade, and great DJ sets are those that can masterfully navigate between these extremes.


How important is it for you to stay updated with current music trends, and do you find yourself integrating these trends into your own productions?


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Staying updated with current music trends is undeniably important in the ever-evolving world of Electronic music, yet I take a somewhat unique approach to how I interact with these trends. I consciously avoid listening to too much dance music unless I'm playlisting for a set or searching for a specific reference track during production. This selective engagement helps maintain a fresh perspective in my own music, ensuring that I don’t become overly influenced by the prevailing sounds and styles that dominate the scene at any given time. By doing this, I aim to keep my sound distinctive and true to my artistic vision, rather than inadvertently echoing the latest chart-toppers or club hits.

This approach also allows me to focus deeply on my own creative process without the clutter of continuous new inputs that might sway my originality. When I do dive into playlisting for shows or scouting reference tracks, it becomes a targeted mission, seeking out specific elements that can enhance my sets or production without overshadowing my style. This method serves a dual purpose: it keeps me informed about what’s current, allowing me to remain relevant to my audience, while also safeguarding my unique sound. It's a careful balance between being knowledgeable and staying authentic, which is crucial in a genre as dynamic as electronic music.

Moreover, this strategy enhances the excitement and relevance of my live performances. When I create playlists, I’m not just compiling tracks; I'm curating an experience that reflects both the current musical landscape and my own artistic interpretation of it. This careful curation is key to connecting with the audience—delivering something familiar yet uniquely compelling. It’s about crafting moments that resonate and leave a lasting impression, ensuring that each performance is not only a reflection of the current trends but also an exhibition of my evolution as an artist. In this way, I keep my ear on the pulse of electronic music, always ready to blend the freshest sounds with my distinctive style to create something truly memorable.


In closing, we thank Cody Chase for his time, as our conversation with him shared a glimpse into the creative journey of a passionate artist navigating the landscape of Electronic music. From his earliest influences, to his current endeavors, Cody's dedication to authenticity and innovation is evident, and as he continues to push boundaries and explore new sonic territories, we eagerly anticipate the exciting contributions he will undoubtedly make to the world of music through his live shows and productions, so stay tuned for more from Cody Chase as he continues to release hard-hitting productions.

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