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Dimibo Drops New Track And Takes Time Out For Exclusive Interview

Dimibo dropped their latest track, Junglerok, on Armada Music last week. The Seattle based duo of Loch & Filip have been cooking up some of the finest American psytrance on the market today. You may be familiar with the Pacific Northwest producers from the colossal remix of Excision’s Paradox that Dimibo and Seven Lions collaborated on.

Junglerok is a tribal psytrance track that begins with exotic vibes created by marching drums and white noise that simulates the Amazonian rain. The accelerated bpm is felt in the snappy bassline that skips along as primal chants cry out. The track ends in a mix of psytrance and glitch that have been assembled together with the percision of a fine watch. You can listen to Junglerok here but be sure to read the full-length interview below as well.

Full Interview

What was the moment you guys decided to make producing music your career?

We entered the first song we ever made into the Insomniac Discovery Project competition and ended up winning a trip to Vegas and the chance to play at EDC. After our set we were back in our artist trailer and pretty much decided then and there that we wanted to do this as a career. This was in 2013 and we’ve been working towards that goal ever since.

How did you guys come to choose psytrance as the genre you wanted to create?

Trance was our first love and the genre that originally brought us together. When we started producing together back in 2012 we were making progressive Anjuna style stuff, if you go on our Spotify channel you can find some tracks from those early days. Over time as our production ability evolved, so did our tastes. We began to explore psytrance more and more and eventually got hooked enough to start producing it. Eventually we both came to see it as kind of our final form, and what we wanted Dimibo to represent. We’re also both quite passionate about psychedelic culture and art and it gave us the best outlet to express that in our music 🙂

I, admittedly, only recently discovered your work through your collaboration with Seven Lions on the Excision Paradox remix. I was absolutely floored by that remix, congratulations on its continued success. What was it like working with Seven Lions?

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Thanks man! Making a song with Seven Lions was an absolute dream come true. Having the opportunity to work with a producer we’ve looked up to and respected for so long was something we’re incredibly thankful for. As psytrance guys, remixing a dubstep monster like The Paradox was pretty unfamiliar territory, but we dove right in and the whole project came together very smoothly. Jeff had recently moved to the area so it was great doing a collab where we could all actually get into the studio together and toss ideas around. It’s always cool to work with artists on different platforms and we had a ton of fun learning from him as well as sharing our creative process. He is one of the nicest and most talented people we’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.

You also remixed Above & Beyond’s Sun In Your Eyes. What is going through your mind when remixing such Icons?

The original is one of our absolute favorites of theirs, and we thought it might work well to pair that epic chord progression with a deep psy beat. While making it we were both very conscious to preserve the original vibes and to not overdo it. The result was a 10 minute journey of a track that you can just chill to, and we were both happy with that.

What song of yours changed the most from the original idea to the final result?

Oh man, pretty much every single one. A good example would be our last release ‘Fortune & Glory.’ We started it close to two years ago and almost scrapped the project because we couldn’t get the vocal lead exactly where we wanted it. Then we ended up hearing something by a singer from India named Ankit Sharda and we friended him out of the blue on Facebook and asked if he would be down to get on the track. As soon as he sent us his vocals the rest of the song fell into place around it. But the final result sounds almost nothing like the original.

What do you do for fun when not in the studio?

We’re both Washington boys to the core so anything outdoors. We spend so much time in the studio glued to a computer that we try to balance it by getting outside as much as possible, be it skiing (Filip), snowboarding (Loch), hiking, etc. We also enjoy drinking good beer with good friends.

You are located up in the Pacific Northwest, a hotspot for music in general it has a budding psytrance scene. What does it mean to you to be American psytrance artists? Do you feel it hinders you in any way?

When it comes to psytrance the US scene has always been behind places like the Middle East, Israel, Brazil, South Africa and Europe, and this is definitely represented by the almost complete absence of American psy producers. For new producers to the genre the international community of psytrance artists and labels is notoriously hard to break into (a lot of top tier labels don’t even accept demos), so as a couple of guys from Seattle it has definitely been tough at times to get our music heard by the right people/labels. If we can contribute to the budding scene here at home as well as maybe someday represent the US in the global psy community we would be honored, but mostly we’re just stoked to be making the type of music we love.

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What other American psytrance artists should we be on the lookout for?

Magnus is a super talented psy artist that has been making moves here for a while now, and both Sentinel 7 and Triceradrops are producers you should keep an eye on.

What is better completing a song or truly connecting with a crowd during a set?

At this point we’ve had more experience finishing songs than actually playing them out, and while it is super satisfying to complete a project there’s absolutely nothing that compares to playing your music live and seeing/hearing people’s reaction.

What is the best part of psytrance and why is it Triplets!!!?

The essence of psytrance (and by far its most recognizable feature) is its bassline. The amount of effort and fine tuning that goes into getting that perfect psytrance kick/bass combo makes for a product that sounds absolutely incredible when heard on a proper system. Triplets, used tastefully, are a great way to feature that bassline and have become synonymous with a lot of psytrance. They have a unique rhythm that you find hardly anywhere else in electronic music. But honestly for us the best part of psytrance is when all the elements come together and a track sucks you in and you lose yourself in whatever psychedelic journey the artist wanted to create. The overall experience.

What is your Hogwarts House?

We’re psytrance producers, so Slytherin.

Congratulations on the success of Fortune & Glory, a song people may recognize from this past Electric Daisy Carnival when Seven Lions dropped it during the fireworks. You’ve followed it up with your brand new single Junglerok which dropped this past Friday on Who’s Afraid Of 138?! Is there more in the pipeline for Dimibo?

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Thank you! We’re definitely excited about both of these. We put a lot of heart and soul into Junglerok (as well as original vocals by us our roommates) and we’re stoked to finally have it released. Other than these, in the next few months we’ll be releasing an official remix for Liquid Soul as well as a few originals and collabs that we have in the works with the likes of Magnus and Brazillian psy gangster 4i20 to name a few. But the project we are by far the most excited about is another collaboration with Seven Lions that we’re putting the finishing touches on. It’s definitely outside the box and will definitely catch people off guard but that’s part of the fun of producing. Keep an eye out for that one in April.

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