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Zander Shine – Inspiration Interview

With a passionate determination and drive to carve out his own unique way within Electronic Music, Zander Shine is quickly climbing the list of Producers and DJs to watch out for during 2024. Having released his debut single, ‘Don’t Hold On’ last year, Zander Shine is no doubt on a trajectory that will surely see his reputation grow, with genre lovers around the globe being drawn in by his energetic vibes and powerful signature sound. So, today, we’re looking forward to sitting down with him to discover more about the influences behind his productions and learn about the inspirations that continue to guide his musicality.

Hello Zander Shine, how are you?


I’m great, just been spending lots of time with family for the holidays and keeping busy preparing lots of new music for the upcoming year.


To begin, who is your biggest inspiration?


Avicii inspired me to get into Dance music. I just remember hearing ‘Seek Bromance’ for the first time and then later ‘Levels’. It took time for me to build confidence and make the leap into doing music full-time. I can only hope and dream that my music will inspire others like Avicii’s inspired me.

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Some Artists find inspiration in other art forms like films, literature etc. Are you ever inspired by sources outside of music?


Most definitely, nature is very inspirational for me, specifically the ocean. It’s very inspiring to have a change of scenery. I also find inspiration in travelling – every culture is unique and the different ways of making music can be super inspirational. Experiencing new places and cultures makes me curious to think outside of the box more than I would sitting at home in my studio.


When you were young, what music did you listen to? How do you think this has influenced your work?


I am highly influenced by alternative rock. Blink 182, Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, Simple Plan. If you really listen, you can hear magnificent melodies and messages that sit well below the surface of their music, and I try to take those ideas and place them at the forefront of my songs. It’s all about the melodies.


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What feelings and emotions do you hope to inspire in your fans when they listen to your music?


I would say on the one hand I want to evoke euphoric emotions and make people want to dance, and on the other hand I really want listeners to connect with and relate to my music when they are going through a hard time or just their day-to-day life. There’s nothing more motivating than creating something people can pair their life with.


How do you remain motivated and inspired?


It’s all about the mindset. Whether it’s an off day or I feel like I’m killing it in the studio, I’m always thinking of my goals. And when you do reach them, it’s so rewarding. I feel lucky that I get to make music for a living and always try new creative ideas to keep things interesting. There are no real boundaries with music, it is just a matter of moving in a forward direction, whether it’s one step or ten. I’ve also built up a belief in myself now in a way that I didn’t before. Before, I did believe but with a chip on my shoulder. I was more driven by a point I felt I had to prove to other people. Now every moment I feel fortunate. I just try to work as hard as possible and spend as much time as possible with my friends and family. They are really important to me.


If a budding Producer came across your work, what do you hope they would take from it?

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I would hope they take away the emotion or feeling I’m trying to evoke. I’m always trying new ways to incorporate fresh, new sounds into my productions and hope that I can inspire others to make something new and unique. I want to make the music that sums up this feeling of joy where there’s this positivity on the dancefloor. Where we can all come together inclusively and just experience a good feeling. That’s one of my favorite things about music is it can just bring people together.


Do you think your influences and inspirations have developed as you’ve evolved as an Artist?


When I first started producing, I was very into Progressive House music and drew inspiration from the iconic artists of 2015, 2016, and 2017. Electronic Music has evolved over the years and it’s super important to stay up to date with the current trends too. I think I’m still very much influenced by the music and artists that originally got me making music in the first place, but I experiment with combining more modern elements of Tech House and Melodic Techno since that’s what’s current.


Can you explain your usual workflow? Does your production process involve having a particular inspiration or goal in mind before you set out to produce a track or is this something you establish later on?


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Ideally, it’s quite fluid actually. What I love about being an artist is building something from nothing; seeing it through and then having it go out into the world where people receive it and react to it. I love that process. Starting from the foundation with simple chords and building a melody with the vocals. Then composing the rest of the track. It’s a collaborative process and a lot of trial and error, with no real goal other than finding something I’m happy with and taking that idea and building upon it. 


Outside of Electronic Music, what other genres of music inspire you?


I listen to a lot of Pop, Rock, and Jazz. I think the majority of it stems from what I was listening to from what my parents listened to and played all the time.


With such a range of inspirations, varying from travel to the music of Jazz, Zander Shine will surely continue to find new and exciting ways to accumulate his array of influences into music that appears unique and distinct within Electronic Music. So, a Producer and DJ to watch out for, be sure to keep an eye on Zander Shine as he is no doubt a talent not to be missed.


Zander Shine Online 

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Website | Instagram | Spotify 


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