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Young Gstar Discusses Next Steps, Fashion & His Message

Young Gstar is a young, vibrant, and rebellious talent who has captivated audiences around the world through his complex lyrics that express unconventional perspectives on life as well as musicality in its purest form – psychedelic flows combined with melodic bars guarantee this! The self- named “TrippyHippie” brings hope to those who need it most by combining energetic party songs about having fun while also delivering messages of peace and love.
Question: So, tell us, do you contain multitudes?
Young Gstar: I try to blend cultures together within my sound. You can hear elements of rap (obviously) but I do have a soft spot for a lot of genres, like pop punk, EDM, trap, etc. I try to keep things lively.
Question: You mention being an outer space alien.
Young Gstar: Yeah, throughout my life, growing up just going through different environments, no matter where I ended up I never felt like I belonged or fully fit in. It was difficult before but now I love that sh*t!
Question: How big is your back catalog?
Young Gstar: I have released a project every single year since 2015. We’re in 2022. I got hella sh*t in the works and in the vault too. Make sure to look out for BLZRS BLVD, my album; you heard it here first. That’s probably going to drop next year, we used this year to get ready.
Question: Do you consider your music and your fashion sense to be connected?
Young Gstar: Hell yeah! I definitely consider them both interconnected. The two feed off each other. In my videos, you can see my trippy ass fashion sense, and I make sure that is an integral part of the message.
 Question: Speaking of message, what is your message?
Young Gstar: I want to be a voice for outcasts, people who are overlooked by society. I do that with fashion, with music, because a lot of people are left abandoned in this world, and made to feel unseen and unheard. I want them to feel heard. I wanna provide them a safe space, initially through my art and maybe further down the line in my career through other mediums. The ones in the dark deserve light shone on them and thats what the BLZRS are here for.

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