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Ben Shawaer – Behind the Decks Interview

Ben Shawaer has remained a guarded and mysterious figure within the Electronic Music realm: a talented Producer shrouded in intrigue; he appears as a true enigma on the scene. With the ability to create powerful productions, it is only natural that fans are eager to learn more about the talent that lies behind the music. So, today we are attempting to unravel the mystery of Ben Shawaer as his manager joins us for this exclusive interview.

Hello and thanks for joining us! We heard you’re a big fan of Ben Shawaer and met him recently, we want to know, how is Ben doing?


So, from the times I've seen him I'd say it's difficult to guess his state of mind as he seems to have a constant behaviour. I guess that means he's doing well because now, he's producing some pretty festive music. Maybe the day he only releases melancholic music we will have to start to wonder if everything is okay!


To begin, do you know, was there one standout moment when Ben was young that made him interested in Electronic Music? What made him pursue Producing and DJing as a career?


I’m not sure if I can totally answer this at the moment, as he's quite discreet. His past seems quite vague, but it seems that he has not only made Electronic Music. On the other hand, I’ve had the opportunity to go to his home to see him work said I saw the box of eJay special edition software. I'm not an expert on the subject but, it's one of the first versions which is over 20 years old! That doesn't mean he's been making music non-stop for 20 years but maybe it all started there and then, who knows! 

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Can you tell us, when did he start producing music? Do you know what his first track was like?


According to the assumption from my answer to the previous question he started making music in the year 2000/2001. If you are familiar with eJay software, you must have an idea of ​​the result. I'll give you a link that I found on YouTube so you can imagine too!


If someone hadn’t heard Ben’s music, how would you describe it? 


To talk about his music to someone who doesn't know it, I would say that there is always a Pop side to what he does, in the sense that whatever the style of music, it can please a lot of people. Otherwise, I would say that now in terms of genre, it's quite varied, even though he hasn't officially released many songs yet. We find feel-good music, cross-genre but also calmer Pop in the sonic universe that characterizes him. No matter what style you usually listen to and the generation you come from, there's a chance that you will enjoy at least one of his tracks.

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Ben is known for being a mysterious and enigmatic figure, but can you tell us, do you know any facts about him that might surprise fans?


He sleeps with his glasses on! No, I'm kidding…, a surprising fact? It seems, but it wasn't always the case, that he doesn't listen to a lot of music. Apparently, he listens selectively to different styles to get inspiration on specific techniques when he gets stuck producing a track, for example. This may seem counterintuitive but ultimately it must be an effective method given that he manages to release music!


Do you know if Ben has a usual routine to get ready for his live performances?


From what I know, it seems that one of the first things he would do would be to find out about the type of event he is going to participate in, to be able to adapt his playlist and see if he can insert any of his personal productions into it. Then I imagine he would build a sound bank to be able to make original transitions that are usually done in a DAW. I heard it once, that’s why I can talk about it!


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What was his first performance like? Can you tell us about it?


His first live experience as a DJ was in a small bar. I know because I was there. It was nice but we couldn't hear the music well. It really wasn't the place to do that. There was even a decibel meter. You know? The thing that when people talk too loudly, the music turns down. I guess it was good training. However, if I remember correctly, it seems to me that someone had spilt his glass of beer on his deck. All in all, a good first live performance.


How do you think the Ben Shawaer project has evolved as he’s grown as an Artist and gained a following?


According to what I know, with time and experience, Ben Shawaer has become more and more precise in his way of composing, with his style becoming more emotive. 

Furthermore, as his fame grew, he also began collaborating with other artists. This brought a new dimension to his music. His audience also grew, and this growth created positive feedback which must have pushed him to step out of his comfort zone and embark on a more ambitious project.


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Do you think Ben will incorporate any new techniques or pieces of equipment into his live performances as he continues to explore and experiment with his sound?


I don't think he’ll incorporate any new techniques, especially if we're talking about him as a live DJ. But, I think he will have to have a launchpad with a lot of keys because he likes to have lots of sounds on hand to create transitions or atmospheres and perhaps we can expect him to play instruments live one day since he is a guitarist and piano player. But nothing is certain at the moment!


Has Ben hinted at what he’s been working on? Do you know what we can expect next from him?


He is currently finalizing his next releases: at least 5 songs in the House and Dance style. Also, he’s working on remaking his website to allow fans to register and have exclusive content to things like unreleased music and exclusive versions of already released tracks.


From our conversation with Ben Shawaer’s manager, we have certainly gained a little more insight into his musical journey and the processes behind his creativity. With a suggestion that Ben Shawaer is gearing up to drop new music soon, we eagerly anticipate release day and look forward to hearing the next musical offering from the talented Producer and DJ.  

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Ben Shawaer Online

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