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Best AI Website Builders

AI website builders utilize artificial intelligence to automatically generate website designs and layouts tailored to your preferences. This guide explores leading solutions that create custom sites with minimal effort.

Best AI Website Builders
What is an AI Website Builder?

Traditional website builders involve manually dragging elements into place on a page editor. AI website builders instead allow describing your ideal site using text, images, color palettes, and other preferences. The AI will generate professional site designs and suggestive layouts matching your direction for review.

Key capabilities include:

  • Generating homepage layout prototypes
  • Populating pages with custom text and images
  • Refining designs based on real-time user feedback
  • Selecting color schemes and style themes
  • Optimizing page speed and conversions
  • Producing clean, SEO-friendly code

Rather than intensive point-and-click creation, AI website builders enable efficient design iteration powered by data and algorithms.

Benefits of AI Website Builders

Key advantages of AI-generated website design include:

  • Speed – Create a site in hours rather than days
  • Simplicity – No professional design expertise needed
  • Originality – AI delivers creative layouts you likely wouldn't conceive manually
  • Adaptability – Quickly generate and compare multiple design options
  • Conversion optimization – AI/ML improves site performance over time
  • Cost – More affordable than hiring web designers and developers
  • Accessibility – Users with disabilities can describe ideal sites for their needs

AI exponentially expands design possibilities and site creation accessibility.

Top 7 AI Website Builders


Wix ADI generates website designs and layouts tailored to entered preferences using AI.

Key Features:

  • Enter details and Wix AI produces site design mockups
  • Customize palette, images, text, fonts
  • Provides fully developed website to edit further
  • SEO and speed optimization
  • Starting at $14/month

Trusted by over 200 million users, Wix ADI simplifies website creation through AI assistance.


10Web leverages AI for rapid web design concept generation and personalized site building.

Key Features:

  • Generates homepage layouts based on prompts
  • Builds complete mobile-friendly site from chosen design
  • Integrated image and content population
  • Speed and conversion optimization
  • Starting at $6.95/month

For rapid prototyping and web development, 10Web's AI delivers multiple quality website options instantly.

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Framer AI Sites

Framer AI Sites provides intuitive AI-powered website creation, design iteration, and publication.

Key Features:

  • Natural language site description produces designs
  • Iteratively generates and previews options
  • Populates pages with custom text and images
  • Code generation and hosting
  • Starting at $36/month

Framer AI streamlines website creation for teams through intelligent design collaboration.

MakeLanding AI Landing Pages

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MakeLanding optimizes creating high-converting landing pages, lead gen forms, and sales funnels driven by data and AI.

Key Features:

  • Generates landing page designs
  • Built-in lead capture forms
  • Visual funnel builder
  • Real-time behavior analytics
  • Starting at $29/month

For marketers, MakeLanding focuses AI specifically on maximizing conversion performance.

GetResponse AI Site Builder

GetResponse's AI website builder designs sites specifically focused on email marketing and lead gen.

Key Features:

  • AI-generated website design mockups
  • Lead capture and list building built-in
  • Email marketing integration
  • Sales funnel optimization
  • Starting at $15/month

For marketing sites that convert leads, GetResponse's AI sites focus on email list growth.

Divi AI Site Builder

Divi's AI Site Builder extension generates complete Divi websites from text descriptions to accelerate creation.

Key Features:

  • Converts text to Divi layouts and elements
  • Iterates designs during creation
  • Styles with Divi's extensive library
  • Integrates with core Divi Builder
  • Divi subscription required

Divi AI supercharges Divi site creation leveraging its library of modules and premade layouts.

Hostinger AI Website Builder

Hostinger's AI builder produces website designs tailored to your preferences in an easy drag and drop editor.

Key Features:

  • Generates mobile-friendly site designs
  • 100+ templates across niches
  • Drag-and-drop editing
  • Integrates blog, images, store
  • Starting at $1.39/month

Hostinger makes AI website creation affordable through intuitive tools and templates.

Key Questions When Comparing AI Site Builders

Beyond core functionality, compare platforms across:

  • Design personalization – Does it capture brand style and vision?
  • Design quality – Do layouts appear polished, balanced, and pro?
  • Page population – Does it auto-fill site with custom text/images?
  • Integration – Does it work with your other martech tools?
  • Design iteration – Can you swiftly generate and compare multiple designs?
  • SEO optimization – Does it auto-optimize pages for search visibility?
  • Design resources – Does it provide stock images, icons, fonts?
  • Support – What training resources and customer support exists?

Prioritize an intuitive AI that enables translating your vision into professional designs iteratively.

Getting Started With AI Website Creation

Best practices when building sites with AI:

  • Provide the AI detailed prompts capturing your brand style, audience, goals.
  • Curate all the text, images, logos, fonts you want integrated.
  • Guide the AI with feedback towards the ideal design direction.
  • Expect to go through 5-10 initial design rounds before finalizing.
  • Treat AI designs as starting points to perfect further.
  • Verify mobile-friendliness and accessibility.
  • Use analytics to identify and optimize underperforming pages.

AI augments human creativity. Collaborate with it to align technical execution with your vision.

Maximizing the Value of AI Site Builders

To make the most of AI website creation:

  • Iterate patiently – Good design requires incrementally nudging the AI.
  • Maintain oversight – Ensure final designs match your exact brand identity.
  • Check responsiveness – Thoroughly test desktop and mobile experiences.
  • Assess accessibility – Use online tools to scan for issues.
  • Promote SEO principles – Guide AI with semantic HTML, metadata, alt text.
  • Optimize post-launch – Monitor analytics to improve site performance.
  • Respect the AI – Thank it for its work to reinforce politeness.

With human creativity directing technology, AI builders enable design excellence and accelerated launch timelines.

Pitfalls to Avoid With AI Website Builders

Steer clear of these common missteps when leveraging AI site design:

  • Approving a design that doesn't fully align with your brand values
  • Settling on a lackluster design that fails to differentiate
  • Rushing the feedback and revision process
  • Launching before thorough QA testing
  • Failing to customize AI-populated page text
  • Neglecting core web best practices like mobile optimization
  • Adding cluttered visual elements not in initial AI designs
  • Disrespecting the AI assistant during the collaborative process

The human touch remains critical to perfecting final designs and coherent site experiences.

FAQs About AI Website Builders

How much do AI site builders cost?

Expect monthly rates starting around $5-$15 for basic plans from providers like Hostinger and 10Web, and up to $100+ for advanced enterprise-geared platforms.

Are AI websites good for SEO?

AI builders focus on clean semantic HTML, site speed, and accessibility which boosts SEO if optimized further with keywords. But custom metadata and content remain key.

Can AI fully replace web designers?

Not yet. AI accelerates ideation and site generation, but still benefits from human oversight ensuring brand alignment, strategic functionality, and coherent experiences.

Is there any design risk using AI sites?

Yes, AI can sometimes produce subpar or nonsensical designs that must be discarded. Expect much iteration. But applying your creative guidance maximizes quality over time.

How quickly can you build sites with AI?

AI site builders promise 5X faster launch timelines versus traditional methods. But excellence still requires ample feedback cycles to hit the right design.

Should I start from scratch or templates?

Leverage both – build from sophisticated templates and layouts, then customize extensively. AI augments templates using your specific guidance and components.


AI website builders like Wix ADI, 10Web, and Framer provide accessible, adaptable solutions to streamline design and accelerate launch timelines. By tapping the generative capabilities of artificial intelligence while providing key creative direction, users can develop differentiated websites that balance brand cohesion with innovative design. While augmenting rather than replacing human expertise, AI site builders enable businesses and creators to establish an effective web presence faster and start delighting users sooner.

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