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Cosmic Gate Celebrate Upcoming MOSAIIK Chapter 2 With EPIC Ibiza Live Stream [INTERVIEW]


Sometimes you can be having too much fun! ‘Chapter One’ of Cosmic Gate’s ‘MOSAIIK’ album series touched off a post-lockdown tour, bigger and more extensive than anyone (not least Nic & Bossi!) could’ve imagined. A subsequent pinch on studio time, and … well … you can guess the rest! Promise is a promise is a promise though and the GRAMMY-nominated act are delighted to start the new year with the now-imminent arrival of ‘MOSAIIK Chapter Two’. [PRESAVE CHAPTER TWO NOW]

To celebrate the arrival, Cosmic Gate set off on another EPIC live stream. This time their two-hour set came from Ibiza, where – backdropped by the magnetizing sight (and just plain magnetic!) Es Vedra isle, the boys premiered much of the previously unheard music from ‘Chapter Two’. Hot on the heels of the Livestream will come the release of not one, but two new singles, before ‘MOSAIIK Chapter Two’ makes its full appearance on March 3. Check out our interview with the boys about the live stream and a little MOSAIIK, below!!

Interview with Cosmic Gate

ES – A Cosmic Gate livestream seems to hold a special fascination for your fans. Your New York rooftop livestream has already racked up 12million views inside a year; the 2022 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico one, over 5 million, etc. What’s your special ingredient!?

CG – “That’s a good question, and not so easy to answer. Maybe we should say ‘we wish we knew for absolute certain ourselves’! What we do see from the data, which of course is that much easier to access and evaluate these days, is that they seem to appeal to people both inside and outside our traditional fanbase. That is immensely appealing to us, so whatever we were doing differently in the first one – which seemed to have a lot to do with the style and feel of the first ‘MOSAIIK’ album’s music, well, we have expanded upon that.”

From feedback, people tell us to like the overall vibe and build-up of the set, the music selection, etc, that the streams have, seem to give them a positive outlook and have helped many through hard times during the pandemic and the lockdown. This of course is nothing but heart-warming and beautiful for us to know. Our way of DJing and enjoying ourselves even without a crowd gets mentioned positively. There was so much positive feedback, that there was no question of notl continuing them, albeit in slight adapted way, now that the pandemic is behind us. Something of a spoiler alert perhaps, but we are planning to incorporate streams into our tours at selected venues, who’s set ups would be conducive. More news about this hopefully very soon!”

ES – This is your first Livestream that’s coming from outside of North and South America. It’s easy to imagine why you’d want to stage one in Ibiza, but what drew you to the backdrop of Es Vedrà in particular?  

CG – “If you ever had time to explore Ibiza, Es Vedrà is an essential landmark to see. When we thought about Ibiza for the first time, to have Es Vedra featured was a definite goal to go for! For those that do not know, it’s said that Es Vedrà has the third strongest magnetic field on the planet, and a lot of Ibiza fans believe it’s the source of Ibiza's inexplicable-but-unstoppable energy …”

ES – How hard was it to find/secure a villa with a view out onto the legendary isle!?

CG – “It’s not easy at all until suddenly it becomes the easiest thing in the world!! Long story short, after quite some searching for a good spot, we were fortunate enough to find this beautiful villa belonging to a lovely German couple, who happened to be from the same area that we were both born and grew up in. (We would like to take a second here and thank Michaela and Franz for letting us film in your stunning Finca.) On top they have been involved in the nightclub scene in Germany since the early 90s as well, owning a club that we loved going to ourselves, even! Sometimes the world is simply very small and things seem to fall into place. This is how it certainly felt for us with this stream and this wonderful location.”

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ES – You’ve often used these special sets to premiere new upcoming releases, and EDMSauce understands this one is no different! What do you have in store?

CG – “We always try to put the mix and the flow of a set and the environment it’s being performed in at the centre of what we do. We naturally add and highlight a few new and unreleased tunes from MOSAIIK Chapter 2 in the mix, which is pretty much what we did in the NYC rooftop stream as well for Chapter 1. The recording of these album tracks was still in the final stages of production as we went to record the strea,. That’s how fresh it was and it was pretty wild to get everything ready on time. This live feel though is what we like. There were a couple of tracks in the Livestream that we heard on ‘a club system’ for the first time during the stream recording. Amongst so many other aspects, it was wonderful to have that experience.

ES – What lies behind the title of these MOSAIIK albums?

CG – “It’s pretty straightforward. We like wordplay in general, so the double II is representing this as our 11th artist album. As for the ‘K’, well on naming day, we felt like giving it a little extra German twist in as well!

ES – It must be an exciting feeling to put the last piece of the ‘MOSAIIK’, um, mosaic in place! Looking back at the project as a whole, what’s been the most exciting or satisfying part of it?

CG – “An album is always an emotional rollercoaster ride. We pretty much tour all year, and to be on the road and in addition finish an album can often become something of a logistical problem. That’s why the deadline got pushed by quite a degree. Now though, after finishing the album, we are just beyond happy with how every aspect of it turned out. We feel the musical development we went through as producers and DJs is reflected beautifully across its two chapters. Club music is constantly evolving, as do we!

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