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Top Singers for Hire Services

Looking for the best singers for hire? Look no further! We have located a wide selection of talented singers who will be perfect for your next song.

Top Singers for Hire Services


Fiverr is a platform that offers an array of services, including singers for hire. You can browse through the thousands of singers and find someone suited to your needs. Fiverr offers competitive rates and you can even review profiles of each singer before making your decision.


GigSalad is an online marketplace dedicated to connecting performers with gigs in their local area or around the world. You can easily search for singers based on genre, location, experience level and more—allowing you to quickly find the right artist for your project.



Upwork is one of the largest platforms available when it comes to finding freelance professionals such as singers. Their sophisticated search engine allows you to filter by location, experience level, and more so that you can find the perfect singer for your project.


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SoundBetter is an up-and-coming platform for connecting artists and music professionals. They offer a wide selection of talented singers for hire, all of whom have experience and expertise in their respective fields. The rates are competitive, and you can even review profiles of each singer before making your decision.


AirGigs is another online marketplace where you can find talented singers for hire at reasonable prices. With AirGigs, you have access to a wide range of vocalists from all over the world, so you’ll be sure to find someone with the perfect sound for your project.

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Finding the perfect singer for your next project doesn’t need to be difficult or overwhelming. With these top services for finding singers for hire, you can quickly find someone suited to your needs without breaking the bank. Whether you’re looking for an experienced professional or a budding talent, these platforms will help you find what you need!


How much is it hire a vocalist?

The cost of hiring a vocalist varies depending on the individual and type of project. Generally, rates range from $50 to several hundred dollars per hour. Some singers may also offer discounted rates for large projects or long-term contracts.

What types of services can I expect when I hire a singer?

When you hire a singer, they will generally provide vocal coaching and guidance throughout the entire duration of your project. Depending on the size or scope of the project, some singers may even help with songwriting and arrangement duties! Additionally, many professional singers are willing to travel for live performances if needed.

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