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Top Vocalists for Hire Services

Are you looking for a vocalist to hire for your next project? Whether you need someone for a commercial, movie, or album, we can help! These top vocalist services feature some amazing talent for your next song.

Top Vocalists for Hire Services


Fiverr is the ultimate place for vocalists of all kinds. Whether you need a deep voiced narrator or a soulful singer, Fiverr has it all! You can browse through their extensive selection of vocalists and find the perfect artist to fit your project. All of the services are affordable and high quality, ensuring that your production sounds professional.


Upwork is a great platform for vocalists who are looking to showcase their talent. You can find a variety of singers and voice actors on the site, from broadway stars to budding newbies. With Upwork’s intuitive search engine you can easily find the right artist based on your budget and skill level.


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Airgigs is an online platform that connects producers with vocalists from around the world. They have a great selection of singers, rappers, spoken word artists, and more. What sets Airgigs apart is their ability to connect you with high-end talent at an affordable rate. Their rates vary depending on each individual but they’re still very budget friendly compared to other sites out there.

Airgigs MainSoundBetter

SoundBetter is one of the best resources around when it comes to vocalists for hire services. The site features over 20,000 professional-grade vocalists and musicians that you can choose from. The sound quality is top notch, so you’re sure to get a professional sounding production at an affordable price. Plus, if you need help finding the perfect fit for your project, SoundBetter offers personalized recommendations to make the search easier.


Whether you are creating an album, movie soundtrack or commercial, these top services will help you find the perfect vocalist for your project. With so many talented singers available, you’re sure to create something amazing! So go ahead and start exploring today!


Are vocalists and singers the same?

No. A vocalist is a term used to describe someone who can sing, but doesn't necessarily specialize in any particular style of music or genre. Singers are usually more specific, and are typically associated with either a certain type of music or genre.

How much do vocalists charge?

The cost for hiring a vocalist will depend on their level of experience and the type of project they will be working on. Prices can range from as low as $50 an hour to several thousand dollars for larger projects. It is best to contact the service directly in order to get an accurate price quote for your project.

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