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Top Voice Over Services to Try

Looking for a voice over service to help you with your next project? Check out our list of the top services to try! These companies are all leaders in the industry, and offer high-quality voice overs for a variety of purposes. Whether you need a commercial, narration, or just some friendly voices to add some character to your website, these services will have you covered.

What is a Voice Over?

A voice over is basically a pre-recorded voice used to convey a message or provide narration for an audio or video production. It can be used to provide information, set the mood, or just add some flavor to your project.

Voice overs come in all shapes and sizes, from high-quality studio performances to more informal recordings done at home. Depending on your needs, you can find either type of service here.

Top Voice Over Services


Fiverr is a fantastic resource for all kinds of voice over work. It’s easy to use and has a wide range of voices to choose from. Plus, you can get started with as little as $5! is one of the top destinations for professional-grade voice overs. With more than 200,000 registered members and thousands of jobs posted each month, it’s no wonder this site is so popular among producers and business owners alike.


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If you’re looking for a more specialized voice over, SoundBetter has your back. It’s the world’s largest platform for recording professionals offering various services like vocal coaching, audio engineering, and more.


Voice123 is another great option for those looking for professional-level voice overs. With their advanced search filters and powerful review system, you’ll be able to find exactly the right talent for your project in no time.


GoVoices is a great resource for both professional and budget-friendly voice overs. You’ll be able to find voice over actors from all over the world, with rates that start as low as $50.


These are just some of the top voice over services available today. With so many choices, you’re sure to find one that meets your needs— regardless of your budget or project requirements. So take some time to explore these services and decide which one best suits your needs! Good luck!

These are just a few of the top voice over services available today. So whether you need some extra help with your next audio/video project or just want to add some character to your website, these services have you covered! Happy recording!


Are voice actors in demand?

Yes! Voice actors are in high demand and are regularly hired for a variety of projects. From commercials to video games, voice actors provide the necessary talent to bring stories and characters to life.

How much do voice actors get paid?

Voice actor rates vary depending on the project and length of the recording. Generally speaking, professional-level voice actors charge anywhere between $100-$400 per hour.

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