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carnage flipping off

Carnage Goes On ‘PLUR Is Dead’ Rant After Fan Bashes His Set

One thing synonymous with music festivals is ravers and the sense of PLUR (Peace Love Unity Respect). Whether or not you believe PLUR is still a thing or not, Carnage gives his two cents...

Avicii Invests In Sweden’s First Cold Brew Coffee Company

Avicii's next project isn't going to be in dance music. Actually, Avicii's next project isn't even music related. For Avicii's next project, the DJ and producer is seeking out his homeland's very first cold...
DAW Software

DAW Software: The Ultimate Guide To Determine What’s Best For You

Throughout the past 50 years, music production software has changed the face of music as we know it. When digital audio workstations (DAW) came into the marketplace, mixing, editing, and audio recording was forever...
Vintage Swoon

The 10 Best Vintage Swoon Songs

At the end of last year, Spotify released the list of emerging genres and new genres starting to make a difference. As many of the genres were unknown to us, Spotify announced that in...
Cinematic Dubstep

The 10 Best Cinematic Dubstep Songs

As 2017 came to a close, Spotify released the list of emerging genres from the past year. Of the 10 genres listed, Spotify announced that cinematic dubstep just so happened to be one of...
Vocal Sample Packs

5 Vocal Sample Packs Every Music Producer Needs

Finding a vocalist may be one of the most challenging tasks for any music producer these days. This is the case especially for bedroom producers operating on a smaller production budget. So without having...

Synthpop: These Are The 10 Best Synthpop Songs

Ever since the introduction of the modular synthesizer by Robert Moog, the history of music had been changed forever. As electronic music continues its rise to fame, none of this could have been done...
Remix Competitions

Remix Competitions: 5 Places To Submit Your Remixes

Whether you're a bedroom producer or a mainstage DJ and producer, more than likely you're already familiar with remix competitions. Remix competitions are great ways for upcoming artists to gain attention and put themselves...

BKAYE Interview: How The Producer Developed An Ear For Melody

The DJ and producer Brian Kelley aka BKAYE grew up in the San Francisco suburbs and has become a household name in the dance music community in just a short period of time. BKAYE...

BEAUZ Interview: The Story Behind The Duo

BEAUZ, the electronic music producer duo consisting of brothers Bernie & Johan Yang, are quickly on the rise in the 2018 year. After winning Feenixpawl & APEK's "Quicksand" remix competition, BEAUZ has been gaining...

Sponsored Up & Coming Artist of the Week: Felitche

Hey there dance music fans! Thanks for tuning into yet another part of our Artist of the Week Series where we choose one up...

Saavan – Like Fire