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Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon Music Unlimited Has Crashed Due To Amazon Prime Day 2018

It's not just you, has crashed for many users on its website. Amazon and its company websites such as Amazon Music Unlimited are suffering an outage on Prime Day. According to, Amazon...
EDM Festival

XO Festival Cancelled Before It Became The Next Fyre Festival

A San Francisco music festival was being labeled as the next Fyre Festival just before cancelling last minute when the venue pulled the plug. According to the reports, XO Music Festival, ran by promoter...

Steve Aoki Has Launched His Own Pizza Company PIZZAOKI

When Steve Aoki isn't DJing around the world, producing songs, or spending time in his estates, the DJ and producer is running his new business called Pizzaoki. While we speculated that Steve Aoki may...

Deadmau5 and Rob Swire Release Long-Awaited Collaboration

As Deadmau5 is scheduled to take on Amazon's Prime Day with his PUBG Twitch Livestream, Deadmau5 has also just released his new mau5ville: Level 1 EP. The new EP comes just weeks after Deadmau5...
Martin Garrix

DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs Poll Opens Up To The Public

Whether or not you hate or love this time of the year, DJ Mag's Top 100 DJ poll is now open to the public. To celebrate 25 years of this poll, the search is...

Skrillex Is Seen In The Studio With Wuki

When Skrillex broke his silence last month and started to perform at random DJ gigs in the past several weeks, fans have been anxiously awaiting news from the DJ and producer. From a recent...
Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck Predicted Spotify and Netflix In This 2003 Interview

While 2003 wasn't necessarily one of the best years for Ben Affleck after starring in Gigli), Ben Affleck predicted the rise of TV, movie, and music streaming services like Netflix and Spotify. "I think...

Deadmau5 Relaunches Coffee Run With Getter

Just recently, the DJ and producer deadmau5 teased the return of his hilarious "Coffee Run" series to his fans. After taking a break from his outings, Deadmau5 decided it was time to bring it...
Steve Angello

Steve Angello Talks About How Avicii’s Death Has Affected Him

Following the untimely deaths of celebrities such as Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, and Avicii, mental health is finally a conversation being taken seriously. Avicii's longtime friend Steve Angello recently chimed in on Avicii's death...

Disneyland Paris Announces Electroland Will Return in 2019

Last week, Walt Disney Studios Park at the Disneyland Paris Resort hosted their second annual Electroland music festival. Vice President of Disney Business Solutions & Special Events, Gustavo Branger, said "Electroland is a unique...

Sponsored Up & Coming

Twalle Gives Us Light and Hearty Kygo Remix

What's up dance music fans? We're rolling strong through Summer, hitting our favorite festivals week by week. What better way to lead off yet...