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The 7 Best NFT Displays for Digital Artworks

Rare things were always intriguing to humans. Diamonds, gold, limited edition cars, and genuine artwork, are among the most expensive commodities on the planet for that reason.  Availability and surplus tend to have the opposite effect, and that’s pretty clear in digital art. That is until crypto and blockchain became a reality. That’s not just in art; Bitcoin, gaming artifacts, and digital collectibles of all sorts are all the rage now.  A decade ago, artists often sold copies of their work for moderate amounts of real money. Today, they can sell their work for thousands and even millions of dollars. The transaction of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, changes hands just like in real galleries. And the new owners get to exhibit their unique works of art and show them off.  Valuable artistic works deserve to be seen in equally beautiful displays. And that’s why we put together a fine list of the best NFT displays for digital artworks. In addition, you’ll find some tips on how to choose the right one.  We’ll also talk a bit more about crypto art, and see why it boomed into incredible popularity lately.

09/15/2023 02:39 am GMT

The 7 Best NFT Displays for Digital Artworks

There are various ways to display your NFTs and digital art. Some are top tech frames designed to give a gallery-like look, while others are advanced smart frames. The displays on the list come with a wide range of price points, so they can match the value of the artworks.

1. Meural Digital Photo Frame with WiFi 13.5"x7.5" Send NFTs, Pictures, and Videos with Meural App, Smart Frame Includes Built-in Stand and Wall Mount (MC315GDW)

The NETGEAR Mural is certainly among the best-looking frames on the list. It’s also loaded with image enhancement features for an optimal visual experience. You can load stills or videos straight to the Meural, and it would come out in full HD, IPS anti-glare, in addition to TruArt technology which mimics lifelike viewing at any angle.

The Meural is a 16 x 10 display that you can place on a counter or mount on a wall. The size is perfect for most digital art, and you can change its orientation in a way that best suits your images. 

Since this frame connects directly to your phone, you can create a playlist of current events, and enjoy watching them later. You could also send the images to a family member in a distant location. Sharing special moments with loved ones and reliving the fun for days on end is quite possible with just a few clicks. 

The brightness level of any digital display isn’t always flattering to images or videos. But that’s a non-issue with the Meural since it auto-adjusts to the ambient light with special sensors. If the surroundings become too dim, it simply shuts off. 

Displaying NFTs is a relatively recent trend, and that’s why it’s understandable that the tech hasn’t caught up yet completely. Digital frames have some weaknesses here and there, especially if you’re an iPhone user. Sometimes the format of the NFTs needs changing, and occasionally, the orientation feature doesn’t respond as expected. 

Overall, the NETGEAR Meural is an impressive frame that comes at an affordable price. You can also browse their website for image collections and vintage digital art. 

2. Meural Canvas II – the Smart Art Frame with 27 in. HD Digital Canvas that Renders Images and Photography in Lifelike Detail | 19X29 Black Frame | WiFi-Connected | Powered by NETGEAR (MC327BL)

Meural makes brilliant displays, and the Canvas II is among its masterpieces. It’s a 1080 HD screen with adjustable backlighting and an anti-glare finish. It’s also equipped with TrueArt Technology, so this digital frame displays true-to-life images and puts your art in the best possible light.

The frame size should match the dimensions of your wall, as well as the contents of the artwork. That’s why frames that come in a wide array of sizes make it easy for you to choose a good fit. The Canvas II frames can also be mounted in either vertical or horizontal orientations. Moreover, you can choose a swivel option that can be flipped in both configurations.

Uploading images and controlling all the parameters of the frame are all easily accessible through the mobile app. Meural is a bit more compatible with Android devices than it is with iPhones and iOS, but it’s generally hassle-free on most platforms.    

The frame is nicely priced and it hovers around the $500 mark for the large 19 x 29-inch display. Plus, you can access all 30,000 iconic artworks in the Meural gallery for a yearly membership of around $70. 

The available colors are black, white, dark wood, and light wood, which is a nice variety. And the general appearance of the frame is halfway between modern and classic. This should be suitable for all kinds of artworks.

3. SAMSUNG 65-inch Class FRAME QLED LS03 Series - 4K UHD Dual LED Quantum HDR Smart TV with Alexa Built-in (QN65LS03TAFXZA, 2020 Model)

Samsung has always been a true pro when it comes to displaying images, and this frame is no exception. The color pop comes from Quantum Dot Technology which provides more than a billion shades of color. And it stays vivid regardless of which level of brightness you set the screen to.

The 65-inch display is a 4K UHD Dual LED Quantum HDR, which simply means that the image is crisp, sharp, and crystal clear. All of which are attributes necessary for displaying art. It’s shaped like an actual frame, which makes it the perfect exhibit for your valuable crypto art. 

It comes in 4 colors; black, white, beige, and brown, so you can choose the one that complements your home decor. In addition, it’s installed flat on the wall with no visible wiring clutter or protrusions. This further enhances the elegant look of the frame.

You can make a compilation of all your digital art or other digital images, and access all of your favorite media in one place. This feature is especially useful if you have a large collection of artworks, and putting them on display would be best through a slide show or a queue.

The Samsung frame isn’t just a frame, it’s also a full-on TV set. Thus, you can set it up in a living room or another area shared by the whole family. This way, it would serve the dual function of entertainment and art. 

It’s worth noting that the Samsung comes at a hefty price tag, which is often north of $1500. The smaller frame sizes are less expensive, of course, so there’s a range of prices you can pick from. In my opinion, this device is totally worth the extra cash.

SAMSUNG 65-inch Class FRAME QLED LS03 Series - 4K UHD Dual LED Quantum HDR Smart TV with Alexa Built-in (QN65LS03TAFXZA, 2020 Model)
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09/15/2023 02:43 am GMT

4. Canvia Smart Digital Canvas Display and Frame - for Fine Painting, Wall Art, NFTs, Personal Photos & Videos - Advanced HD Display, NFT Compatibility, Video Playback, Google Photos, 16GB Storage

The bragging point for Canvia frames is that the art doesn’t appear to be digital at all. In fact, the image seems to be so real, you can almost touch its textured surface. This impressive visual experience is achieved through the implementation of ArtSense technology. 

You can enjoy an endless stream of playlists and slide shows by uploading all your favorite images right into the frame’s memory. It comes with 16GB storage which can store up to 10,000 images. 

The frame adjusts constantly to the changing ambient light and optimizes the image display settings accordingly. It’s a full-HD screen that’s also anti-glare and saves energy. Furthermore, it’s Alexa-enabled for easy voice control of the rest of the settings. 

The frame is available in white, cherry, wood grain, and black, so you can easily match it with the style of your home or office. Also bear in mind the dominant colors of your favorite images. Choose a frame that wouldn’t clash with your art or detract from its aesthetics. 

The Canvia frames are moderately priced, and they’re pretty straightforward. You might need to change the formats of the NFTs a little, but other than that, it’s a good device. An added perk is a bonus one-year subscription to Canvia’s art library, with more than 10,000 paintings.

5. Infinite Objects Frames

This frame is specially designed to play video art in ever-playing infinite loops. There’s no audio involved, just an immersive visual experience of a moving image. 

The infinite objects frame is pretty simple. You just open the box, plug it in, and it keeps on displaying your collectible or digital art. The frame can loop any clip from a few seconds to 24-hour long clips. When you want to turn it off, just unplug it and put it back in the box. 

You wouldn’t have to bother yourself with setting up the frame, uploading media, or updating an app. Infinite Objects often collaborate with artists to make a ‘video print’ of any digital art. And this final ready-to-display form is what you get. 

The frames come in a 5-inch format for the small collectibles or a 7-inch size for larger artworks. There are two main options for the frame material, so you can choose the style that matches your decor nicely. Modern acrylic is an easy fit anywhere, and there’s also natural bamboo that’s made from sustainable sources.   

There’s a wide variety of video print collections at the company’s site, and you can also send them your own videos, and they’ll ship them back to you saved in a display frame. The average price of a ready-made collectible is around $300, but you can find a few gems for $100 if you look carefully.

6. TokenCast

This product adds a bit more fun to the prospect of displaying your NFTs. TokenCast gives you the blueprint of building your own display from the ground up. And it’s not hard at all, you only need a Raspberry Pi, an IPS monitor, and the TokenCast client.

You can download the detailed instructions from GitHub, along with any other addons you might need. Once you’ve assembled the TokenCast frame, you can get the software from their server.

This frame works only with NFTs, so you can display your authentic digital art around the house, and enjoy its beauty at all times. TokenCast devices also allow you to add a QR code at the bottom of the image to further illustrate its uniqueness.

Completing a DIY is a pleasure in its own right, and I would personally take on such a project any time any day. And here’s one more perk that caught my eye: if there’s a feature you’d like to add to the TokenCast frame, you can send your request to the company and they promise to look into it.

7. Qonos NFT Frame

Qonos is designed with the NFTs of Beeple and LeBron in mind. The graphics of these frames are exceptional, both in images and in videos. In addition, they’re available in various sizes and configurations. 

A frame that’s constantly turned on consumes energy with or without people in the room. This is clearly a waste of energy, and that’s why the manufacturers added motion and proximity sensors to these frames. They’ll only show off the artwork when there are viewers to appreciate it.  

The Qonos frame is just as slick as the Samsung in its sleekness and hidden cords. It resembles a real frame to the nines, and there would be no visual clutter around it to distract from the exhibited art. 

These frames are fully compatible with iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows. Thus, you shouldn’t face many problems while uploading your NFTs to a Qonos frame.  

Qonos is a bit like Infinite Objects in the way they collaborate with artists to insert the images and videos right into the frames. The final transaction is then a crypto art inside a frame, and it’s often shipped to the buyer's physical address, instead of going through a digital exchange.

What Exactly Is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT)? 

The connection your device has with any other digital device in the universe is a complicated matter. 

Back in the 80s and 90s, if you wanted to connect two computers, you’d have to use an actual wire. And that wasn’t just it, the connection required extra software and hardware to manage the flow of a few bits of data.

Blockchain is the technology by which you can send and receive emails from anyone. And it’s also the foundation of all social media, e-commerce, and cryptocurrency. The idea is that digital items can exchange hands, whether that’s an email or a digital sculpture. 

Non-Fungible Tokens are unique items that have an inherent value. They are usually traded in exchange for Ethereum, which is the currency suitable for this digital universe. 

If you play online games, you must be familiar with the ‘skins’ that gamers buy all the time. It’s often for personal use to make their characters stronger and more invincible. Skins are also a wonderful birthday present among friends. This is one of the earliest examples of NFTs.

Art, music, movies, and blogs are slowly venturing into the NFT market. With the Nyan cat GIF amassing a mindblowing $600,000, a lot of creative artists started to pay attention. 

Art collectors were alerted just as much. And since blockchain tech is capable of monitoring and authenticating every transaction, then it became clear to them that they can own unreplicable genuine works of crypto art.        

Is Digital Art Different From Real Art? 

Digital art comes from the same urge to express feelings and ideas that real art has. But it’s the way that these personal feelings are expressed that differs. 

The Final Form 

For example, a real sculpture often takes one final form. Whereas, a digital sculpture can metamorphose into a million colors and movements ad infinitum. Some say that digital art is rather robotic, especially the type that’s self-generated through algorithms. 

Who Is the Real Artist? 

However, let’s keep in mind the fact that the person who wrote the code is the actual artist, not the computer that executed the sequence. In my opinion, creativity remains the same, while the tools change. 

When Did Digital Art Appear? 

Digital art started around the 1950s, with electromechanical devices that artists used to create kaleidoscope graphics. Around the 1980s computational power, software, and peripherals like plotters changed the scene entirely.   

At this point, artists were able for the first time to draw and paint on a screen. This was a huge treat for animators, advertisers, and game developers. Aladdin's Genie was out of the lamp, and multimedia was a dream come true for all of us.

Is Crypto Art a Gallery Art?  

Digital art and real art remained two different entities up until the turn of the century. Digital art remained an arena for graphic designers. While the world of art galleries and museums was a different business. With the advent of crypto-everything, the two worlds are now converging beautifully.    

How to Choose the Right NFT Display for Digital Artworks? 

The whole NFT crypto art scene is a novelty for most people, and this includes manufacturers. That’s why there aren’t that many displays dedicated to exhibiting authentic digital art. Plus, there are several digital frames that play the part nicely. 

Picking a display for your NFTs might be a bit of a challenge, so here are a few pointers to help you make a final selection.

Image Format 

Digital frames designed to display NFTs are categorically different from digital displays made for regular formats. 

A further divide in NFT specific displays occurs with the ones that display videos only, as opposed to devices that accept various forms of media. Audio remains quite rare, and most frames are geared towards a purely visual experience. 

Image uploading is another matter that you’d need to consider. The frames from Infinite Objects come with a video print already there, and you can’t change that state at all. However, most frames are accessible through mobile apps and WIFI connectivity.  

Image Quality   

Full HD 4K resolution is pretty much the Gold Standard, but a 1080 resolution is still good, especially with smaller frames. 

The auto-adjustment of brightness, anti-glare finishes, plus another tech that optimizes the image, are often preferred. That’s what makes art come to life.

Ease of Use

Assembling the frame is often straightforward unless you choose the DIY variety, so then you’d have to roll up your sleeves for an hour or two. 

The uploading of images might be a bit of an issue in some frames. The best way to avoid any problems is to check the format requirements and see whether or not this matches your smartphone parameters.   


As a rule, the frame should be proportional to the wall dimensions and room size. It should also be at eye level, so you can watch it comfortably while sitting or standing. 

Small collectibles are generally displayed in matching frames, while larger works deserve a big frame. 


The frames often come in neutral colors, wood finishes, and occasionally a metallic look. This variety is usually sufficient to get a frame that doesn’t clash with the rest of the room.  

Storage capacity 

Some frames come with a single NFT printed on them, while others have memories, just like any digital device.

If you want to create a slideshow of a curated collection, then a high storage capacity is often recommended.  

Extra Features

The Samsung display is hugely popular since it can be used as a TV and a digital frame simultaneously. Multitasking often saves space and justifies the price tag.  

Having a frame with a bunch of extra features isn’t a critical requirement, but we like smart shopping at all times!  

In Conclusion 

Plenty of the jargon used around NFTs is rather unfamiliar, and creating crypto art might still need getting used to, however, putting your digital art on display isn’t a mystery at all. It comes down to choosing the right type of NFT display. 

You could turn your house into an elegant gallery for valuable artworks, enjoy a curated playlist of digital collectibles, or experience the grandeur of classical paintings. 

In my opinion, if you’ve acquired a unique digital artwork, then you should display it with one of the Qonos NFT Frames. It’s designed to exhibit NFTs and does so with the highest possible image quality. 

Then again, that’s not the only type of digital art currently in demand. If you have amassed a collection of NFTs, then SAMSUNG 65-inch Class FRAME is a great option to keep all on display. And when you’re not using it to showcase your art, you can use it as a TV set. 

There are also DIY frames like the TokenCast for the folks with manual dexterity and an affinity for working with tech stuff. And in addition to the physical frames for NFT artworks, there are virtual vaults wherein you can share your artworks with your friends and followers online.

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