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Exclusive Interview with Up and Coming DJ Meetch

DJ Meetch from New York has a unique story that separates him from many – with a loss of hearing and plenty of influences outside of dance music to begin with – and he's starting to come along nicely with his fresh new (free) album ComplexCity.

“The responses I've gotten makes me feel really really happy. Most of the downloads I have gotten have been direct through facebook posts and all that…Most of the hype has just been from all the sites I've been featured on and going to be featured on…I know my sound is unique and I have some ridiculous setlist ideas.”

Unique is right… from remixing Taylor Swift to some of his notable singles of late – like “Mindless” featured here on EDM Sauce – the electro angst is mental.

“Mindless is what made me start this album (ComplexCity). That was my first complex-type electro house track and I fell in love. That track was the moment I fell in love with that electro-chord style. That and my buddy Mord Fustang. His music has such a kick to it I can't get enough. I want people to feel the same way about my album and upcoming music.”

He discussed his style and why feel-good disco is his favorite – with influences like Madeon, Porter Robinson, and Mord Fustang.

“I love the excitement people get from electro house and like when dubstep was popular people would just go crazy. I want the combination of both.”

He later added, “You can throw so much variation into a huge electro house track. I just think electro house hits the dance floors so much harder than anything else. I do just love house music the most. But since it has broken down to so many sub-genres, I will always favor electro house.”


The authentic style is making an impact. We discussed his approach and of course, why Taylor Swift? And how did he make that work?

“That Taylor remix was so random. She released that track and I just felt the dancy side to it. I made it pretty quickly and it still gets views all of the time. People seem to dig it and I still play it when I drive around.”

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Interestingly, his appreciation for vocalists goes much deeper.

“She (Taylor) is a very talented singer but I think one of my favorites has to be Bruno Mars. His vibrato is godly. I'm more into guy singers because a good voice from a male takes a lifetime to make. I feel like a lot of girls just have that talent with them. In my album, two tracks happen to be my girlfriends voice. I can listen to that 24/7. We make beautiful music together and I think that this album is what brought us together.”

Meetch is a quick study and a breath of fresh air to dance music – but his roots weren't always ideal for a producer. He survived a traffic accident in his early teens that left him deaf in one ear and like many success stories, he seemed to develop his sense with a sharp precision after overcoming his trauma.

“The crazy thing is that I actually strongly disliked dance music before my accident. It's almost like it was supposed to happen. I kinda like to think it happened for a good reason. My life changed after that and when I fell in love with dance music, it's never disappointed me… I almost feel like it was my calling to play in front of thousands of people… like that was supposed to happen and for the bullshit and pain I went through, this is the gift I get back from it. Me being deaf doesn't even phase me. I still have this ability to mix down my music pretty well and the weird thing is I still can tell the difference when sounds pan left and right.”

Known for some killer sets at places like Amazura Concert Hall over the past couple years, he's become a staple in the scene down in Queens. Follow him below for upcoming dates that might get started up again towards the end of the summer. He's also working on some secret projects – so you'll want to stay in touch.

“I love being surrounded by people. I do have my moments where I wanna be alone just to make my tunes but other than that I love being in clubs and venues where I know lots of people… The main person in my life who has an impact on my career is my buddy Illectrix. He has helped me learn about production all of my life. He lives across the globe but has made trips to America just to chill and make music together with me.”

DJ Meetch: Facebook, Soundcloud.

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