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DJ Meetch – Mindless

‘Mindless’ is an absolute display of DJ Meetch’s mad skills. Starting off with a subtle straight drum beat, the track quickly gets going with a dirty synth loop and a no-nonsense drum groove. It then leads into a retro-robotic lead melody, which offers the perfect intro for a hardened sensation. An ascending siren effect introduces a harsh, hyperactive kick driven beat which makes the perfect condiment to the intense, distorted lead synth melody to follow. This devastating section leads into an expertly crafted melodic part before descending into a rhythmic drop, which DJ Meetch rapidly changes into a euphoric ascending effect. DJ Meetch then draws his hardest and punchiest half-time feel groove which sits perfectly with the subtle hip-hop inspired synth loop. Returning to a double-time beat, the track takes a descending pattern which later builds into another DJ Meetch melodic wonder. One last overwhelming chorus, sure to raise roofs and the single softens its energy levels to provide a smooth ending.

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