Being a writer here for edmsauce has given me some amazing opportunities. It is always really cool to sit down and chat one on one with a huge international star, and find out that he's just a real human being like everyone else. Over time, you notice trends and oddities – many of them hate, or are legitimately afraid of, flying. Which sucks, if you're on a plane almost every week.

Whenever I'm on a plane, I spend almost all of the ride clinging to my armrest, sort of like a kitten who is about to be put into a bathtub.I try to distract myself anyway that I can, and music is one thing that really helps to soothe the anxiety. Since I just got back to DC an hour ago, I decided I would share my solace with you guys. This is some of the most glorious chill I've ever heard, and it's my 5 star playlist.

night sky

1) Sizzlebird – Falling into Dream
2) Yinyues – Everything ft. Mimi Page
3) Dan & Sam feat. Maxx Hennard – Walls (Shawn Mitiska Dub Mix)
4) Singularity – Alone
5) MitiS – Pain
6) Sebastian Carter – Angels
7) NumberNin6 – Let Me Know
8) Delerium – Days Turn into Nights (Seven Lions Remix)
9) Rameses B – Pure
10) Adventure Club – Crave You

I helped Stevo co-found edmsauce and I review all artist submissions and our twitter. Both my parents are musicians and are consistently humiliated by the fact that I play piano and guitar with one hand. Originally from North Carolina. Likes: Books. Music. Spiced tea. Japan (I lived there). Austria (I lived there too). Languages. Technology. Engineering. Poetry. Music. Haikyo. Maple leaves. Windy days. Anthropomorphism. Old Sweaters. Campfires. Dislikes: Sitting in chairs. Hoarding. You can check out my favorite tracks and playlists on my Soundcloud.