Soulware is back with an intensely deep album, “All That Binds Us”. Seven years in the making, Harry Bretherton, the mad conductor behind the project, delivers the goods on what is set to be a summer favourite for the downunder crew.

The LP features the sultry hypnotic vocals of Saelyn Guyton and when partnered with the epicly good guitar licks from Winston Campbell and the massive deep bass from Harry, these 3 anchor a solid backbone for the rest of the band to unleash something that can only be described as lush.

With samples of the New Zealand bush sounds featuring in some of the tracks, one can only feel they're in some remote valley surrounded by native bush, a prime place where you normally get the opportunity to catch a Soulware live set.

Soulware – All That Binds Us is out now on good major retailers. A must listen if you like anything deep… don't forget your snorkle.