Ben Maxwell. Remember that name.

It seems like every day there is a new name bursting onto the EDM scene with a sound that inspires nothing but grooving bodies and head banging minds. The story goes the same for many producers. They start by picking up an instrument or some software at a young age and begin to explore their expressions through the powerful tools that are so easily available to kids nowadays. As they find their way through the process, they begin to get better and pick up on some tips and tricks along the way. Their songs start to gain some ground, and their natural talent for organizing sound shines through. It is one thing to hear a well produced song, and another to hear a song that really speaks to something inside of a listener. One requires respect, the other begs for passion and emotion to accompany that respect.

This producer comes to believe in themselves over a period of time through their own hard work, the support of their fans, and a difficult sensation to describe, one that feels as if it is a physical inability to shut down the artistic side of their brains at any point. The artist finds their way to a major music market after soul searching for the proper place to explore themselves, and suddenly finds themselves surrounded by musicians just like them attempting to become what they all in their hearts know they can be.

Now, one of two things happens in this moment. A true artist finds inspiration in this experience, searches for the sounds to describe it, and negotiates the experience through a journey they provide to their fans. One who will never find their place in music is unfortunately discouraged and intimidated by these fellow artists, and believes they are forced out of their passion, when in reality they fall victim to their own mindsets.

An artist's ability to tell a story like the one above is one of the key essential factors to the survival and hopeful thriving nature of an up and coming artist. If you liked the story above, we suggest you take a listen to the song below. Remember that name we mentioned at the top of this piece? Now you know his story. Enjoy.

My name is Adam Leopold and I'm a contributor here at EDM Sauce. I love all genres, but my favorites are trance and dubstep. I love artists that dignify themselves from the pack through original content and a separation from the average sounds. If you can throw down a set I've never heard before, I'm instantly a fan. My favorite artists are Above & Beyond, Pretty Lights, and Bassnectar. I'm currently pursuing a Political Science degree at Temple University and am living in Philadelphia as well. My name on Facebook is Leo Adam, feel free to add me if you want to chat about anything music related or just to have another friendly face in the scene. I hope you all enjoy what I put out and am so grateful to be able to give to an industry that has given so much to me!