Blackmill, Robert Card, started producing music at the age of just 8 years old after receiving an acoustic guitar for his birthday. At the age of 15 years old, Blackmill began producing trance music and uploaded them to YouTube as the monikor Robert J.C. As dubstep began to grow in 2010, Blackmill decided to transition into a more melodic style of dubstep. After releasing remixes of Ellie Goulding and many other popular artists, a new sub-genre was born.

Here are 9 of Blackmill's most popular melodic dubstep songs:

Blackmill ft. Veela – Let It Be

Blackmill Feat. Veela – Let It Be (Full Version)

Blackmill – Spirit of Life

Blackmill – Spirit of Life (Full Version)

Blackmill – Miracle

Blackmill – Miracle (Full Version)

Blackmill – Lucid Truth

Blackmill – Lucid Truth (Full Version)

Blackmill – The Drift

Blackmill – The Drift (Full Version)

Blackmill – Evil Beauty

Blackmill – Evil Beauty (Full Version)

Blackmill – Friend

Blackmill – Friend (Full Version)

Blackmill – Fortune Soul

Blackmill – Fortune Soul (Full Version)

Blackmill – Rain

Blackmill – Rain (Full Version)

Bonus: The Best of Blackmill

The Best of Blackmill