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Under The Radar Gets Liquefied With EastColors And T:Base

This editorial is dedicated to putting the spotlight on artists who create amazing music but always seem to fly under the radar for most dance music lovers. With so much great talent nowadays it's easy to miss out on the many musicians who may not appear on the mainstage but always deliver a headliner performance. This week, Under The Radar returns to shine the spotlight on two of the highest caliber, up and coming artists in the world of Drum & Bass, EastColors and T:Base. 

EastcolorsDescribing Eastcolors as merely a hotshot, up and coming, DnB artist isn't giving this kid enough credit, especially after hearing his debut LP, Lighthouse. Simply put, its one of the genre's best releases so far this year and great example of how to properly cherry pick elements from numerous DnB subgenres and mold them into a finely tuned, squeeky clean package with great tracks from front to back. A balance is struck between fast paced, action packed beats and minimally produced, liquid, jump-up coolness that works for both dancing or lounging. The handful of MCs make great additions to each track as well,  and a special nod to Fava in particular for killing it on every one he's on with his perfectly suited, mellow voice that goes together with EastColors' sound like beer and a hot summer day. You really get a sense of the time and care spent with each tune as the albums feeling of distance, mystery, and bleakness that comes through with every track. There's plenty of heavy and creative basslines to keep typical bass freaks happy, but a noticeable sophistication that really puts rythm a priority over hardness .  This is a very strong contender for DnB album of the year and a huge statement for EastColors a serious contender in the Bass Music scene.

Eastcolors - Lighthouse

Eastcolors – Lighthouse

Favorite Tracks

  • Lighthouse feat. MC Fava
  • Chords
  • Everything You Need



While EastColor's brings a more varied, unique take on modern drum and bass, T:Base‘s Time Change LP sends the user right to liquid heaven. All the normal traits can be expected, lots of pretty, minimalist piano chords and notes, airy soundscapes, and reserved, very unfilthy basslines. This isn't necessarily not your pre-festival, get hyped, type of record, but if you're a liquid lover you wont find a bad tune of the album. Beautiful vocals from Identified are some of the best in the genre and when combined with T:Base's deep, sometimes even a little sappy, but always very memorable melodies and ambiance, it makes for a winning formula. There's a few Easter egg sounds and samples that liquid fans will definitely recognize, which add to the throwback vibe of the release, but honestly this album will still sound good a long time from now even though it could pass for one that was made years ago.

T:Base - Times Change

T:Base – Times Change

Favorite Tracks

  • Come Closer feat. Identified
  • Fade Away
  • Time Goes By feat. Identified

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