ArunaLately Aruna has been showing us that her music can expand far beyond the soundsĀ of trance. Earlier this year Arunatics ate up her Monstercat debut “Time To Say Goodbye“, which was among the labels most emotional and winsome future bass tunes released this year, and now she's set a course to bring her angelic voice to realm of drum and bass. On the recently released Sunrise remix EP, each tune manages to do the original justice, but Specialist Sound‘s liquid makeover shines the brightest of the bunch. This isn't simply because DnB remixes have been few and far between for Aruna, but because of how natural it sounds. When a remix could pass for an original, you know you have a hit. Specialist Sound's top notch production, specifically the alluring pads dashed with the bright and uplifting leads make for a choice liquid track. It's easily one of his finest works to date and we'll keep our fingers crossed for Aruna to continue stepping into more bassier places.

Mike Suarez
I've been a music enthusiast for as long as I can remember and there are few things I enjoy as much as sharing the incredible music that gets me through life. As always, I greatly appreciate all the readers for your continued support! Hit me up! @mikesuarezmusic.....:))))))))))
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