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I helped Stevo co-found edmsauce and I review all artist submissions and our twitter. Both my parents are musicians and are consistently humiliated by the fact that I play piano and guitar with one hand. Originally from North Carolina. Likes: Books. Music. Spiced tea. Japan (I lived there). Austria (I lived there too). Languages. Technology. Engineering. Poetry. Music. Haikyo. Maple leaves. Windy days. Anthropomorphism. Old Sweaters. Campfires. Dislikes: Sitting in chairs. Hoarding. You can check out my favorite tracks and playlists on my Soundcloud.

Oakland Warehouse Fire Kills EDC Videographer

Jonathan Bernbaum wasn't a close friend of mine. In college, we were both debaters. He was smarter than me, a better speaker than me. He told better jokes.  At one point after graduation we...

Best EDM Remixes of Coldplay

Much of our high school experience was listening to Coldplay as we stared moodily at the phone, convincing ourselves not to call our crushes. Luckily I found electronic music, and moved on to dubstep...

Coldplay – Adventure Of A Lifetime – (Koni Remix) [Gabriella Cover]

Discovered this gorgeous covered remix today and knew there would be a market for these lush female vocals. It makes you wonder how many Coldplay songs would be better if they were sung by a...

Roald Velden – Last Sunset (Danny Chen Remix)

Brand new progressive trance remix from Danny Chen "Last Sunset" is just what you'd expect from this up and coming producer who has previously gained support from Above and Beyond, ATB, and Dash Berlin....
edm summer playlist

Sam Feldt – Nazomeren Mixtape

Nazomeren is a Dutch word that means "wanting to extend the summer" and that is totally how I'm feeling today. This chill mixtape starts out with an inspirational speech from Les Brown and goes...
edm summer playlist

Sweet Summer – EDM Playlists from EDM Sauce

Summer is here. I need a playlist for pool parties, for road trips, for hanging out, for grilling, for river drifting with a beer in my hand, for beach bonfires. That's a lot of...
Eric Prydz

Eric Prydz releases video for Generate

Just release the album. Before I go insane. It's a pretty great video though. If I was in college right now I'd be majoring in light and sound engineering, because these guys have amazing and...

RAC debuts new track on NPR

RAC pretty much always been on the fringe of EDM - they were indie electronica at their most hardcore, for sure, but their latest album and musical direction paid major dividends this year. Fresh...
Beatport top edm genre

4 EDM Genres that Will Never Die

You might have recently read or gone into a tiny rage about an article called 6 DYING EDM GENRES THAT NEED SOME SERIOUS CPR (read it here), just like I did. Today I'd like...
I love house music

Max André – Into The Wild (Sam Heyman Remix)

Fresh new remix from Sam Heyman - we're digging the laidback summer feel of this house track. Since the beat is somewhat repetitive, you'll want this for studying or ambient background noise (or mixing...


HOVERBOOTS Exclusive Guest Mix & Interview [The Recipe Volume 015]

HOVERBOOTS is a pretty well known name in the underground Bass music scene. Known for some killer collabs, reboots, & great originals he is...