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Exclusive Infected Mushroom Interview

Finally got a chance to meet the great duo Infected Mushroom. These guys are pioneers in psy, and with their new album Army of Mushrooms they have shown they are still part of the EDM world. Amit “Duvdev” Duvdevani and Erez Eisen have been at this for while, they have been able to create a strong following. Many fans around my age grew up listening to these guys. Infected has introduced many to the world of EDM. This was a great interview and I was able to learn a lot about them and their easy going attitude.

EDM Sauce: Amit what is it about trance that made you change from your punk rock era?

Amit: Combination of music acid. Weird people in a new atmosphere. Being a keyboard player I fell in love with the music.

EDM Sauce: Do you think you would still be in music if you hadn't played piano at a young age?

Amit: Piano is a tool to move into a new stage. Producers have to be aware of the music and have some knowledge before producing.

EDM Sauce: What is it that keeps you going in this industry? Music? Fans?

Amit: Money, Kid. But honestly can't believe what we do, it's a dream. It's insane and we love every moment of it.

EDM Sauce: Pet peeve about making music or playing shows?

Amit: Dumb TSA agents by far. Also smelly fans are the worst.

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EDM Sauce: What was your “I've made it” or is there more planned? 

Amit: So many shows I say wow can't top this and then you do. I play small and big shows but it's not the number it's the venue the atmosphere that really matters.

EDM Sauce: You guys have been in this for a while and seen many Djs come and go any inspirational Djs?

Amit: Old school new school everyone. Favorite old school: always respect for Carl Cox. Pegboard Nerds, Porter Zedd are good new Djs for inspiration.

EDM Sauce: Where is a place you've always wanted to play at?

Amit: Pyramids Glastonbury Bonaroo. But we still get excited for Ultra, Burning man, Coachella,  Tomorrow land.

EDM Sauce: Alright guys any guilty pleasures?

Amit: I'm a huge Vampire Diaries fan and Damon fan as well.

Erez: I'm not part of this I do not like the show.

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EDM Sauce: Any Random hobbies?

Amit: Food like motherfuckers. Married to wives that cook. Not only reason we married. Food addicts. Really dodgy places. Israeli food doesn't go away no matter how long we stay away. Our wives can make a mean Falafel.

EDM Sauce: Who do u consider your biggest rival?

Amit: We never had rivals in Edm cause we don't follow the trends. We consider ourselves outsiders to Edm but we look up to Pendulum. and we would love to share stage with Linkin park. Love their old music. My favorite rock band is Muse. Just saw their show and it was amazing . Lots of bands we still love and would love to play with.


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