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Josh Money Interview

EDM Sauce had the opportunity to talk with Josh Money. Josh Money made his introduction into EDM by writing and signing vocals for the progressive trance track “400 Years Till Dawn.” Josh graduated from Full Sail and continued to broaden his scope of work by working as a film composer as well as broadening his musical future. Josh Money currently resides in Detroit, Michigan.

EDM Sauce: For those who aren't familiar you or your music, can you explain your style and tell us who really who you are?

Josh Money: My style is constantly evolving with each new thing I learn. I actually seem to write better when I'm trying something new. The first dubstep song I ever released was “Bullet for the Bears” and it hit the top 20 Dubstep on Beatport. The second one was “Let Go With You”, and it was #2 for over 2 months. Not knowing how something “should be” can be one of the greatest assets producers can use to their advantage. That aside, my “goal” musically, is to create something emotive, a little dark, and a little bit heavy, that connects with people on a deeper level than the average club banger. When I write I try to infuse the culmination of who I am into my music, whether it be classical piano or sound design. EDM is going through such a rapid expansion at the moment that it can be hard to sift through the rubble to find the Gems. So much of it is just about partying and losing your shit, which is fine in doses, but I think it has the potential to become one of the most emotional forms of music that's ever existed, and that's how I approach it.

EDM Sauce: I see you focus on production, technology, audio synthesis and audio editing from your soundcloud, how long have you been involved with music?

Josh Money: Professionally, a little over 10 years, as my first paid gigs were as a studio session programmer. I was also a Composer for Electronic Arts on Tiger Woods, MMA, and NFL Blitz. Scoring the theme song “Hydrothermal” for Blitz last year was one of the highlights of my career! But I've been playing piano since I was 5 and actually started composing when I was about 7.

EDM Sauce: How did you originally get introduced into EDM?

Josh Money: I was reading a Roland product magazine with an interview with BT. What they were discussing musically sounded too cool to be true so without even listening to it first, I went out and bought his R&R album. When I got to the track “Hip-Hop Phenomenon”, it blew my mind and the rest is history. My first real involvement with EMD production, was as a vocalist for the trance “classic” (if I can call it that), 400 Years Till Dawn.

EDM Sauce: Do you have any plans to tour soon here?

Josh Money: Since I moved to Detroit, I've spent most of my time writing and expanding my network in the local scene here. So far the people have been amazing; they're like a family of all things bass. As soon as my new album is wrapped, shows are the first thing on the plate. I'm already slated for some shows in April as well as the Detroit 2 Year Anniversary Dub Down in March, which is going to be amazing. But I'm still looking for a good booking agent if anyone reading this knows any.

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EDM Sauce: What can you tell us about any upcoming releases?

Josh Money: My newest release is a dubstep remix I did for PLAY ME Records of a hot juke artist named TASO. That will be followed by my experimental production album, Network Decay for FiXT, then some awesome remixes for UK label Sludge, then my artist album which I'm really excited about! It's more artist/song oriented than it is straight up Dance tracks with featured remixes from a couple high profile artist. There's even going to be a film trailer style track as well as a dubstep remix of a well-known classical song. I describe it as The Shins meets Skrillex and it's the closest thing to fully capturing “my sound” that I've ever written.

EDM Sauce: Who would be your dream collaboration?

Josh Money: Luke Steele from Empire of the Sun. I love that dudes style, from his costumes to his voice.

EDM Sauce: Do you stick to one genre, or do you try out new styles here and there?

Josh Money: I find it impossible to stick to one genre and have never understood the reason some people feel like they have to. It's like only eating pizza. If that's your thing, awesome, but just know there's a lot of other good stuff out there.

EDM Sauce: A little bit about you…

Josh Money: I don't know why these kinds of questions always weird me out. I guess it's because I hope that my music already says everything about me I want people to know. One thing a lot of people don't know is that becoming a father is pretty much the reason I made the switch from composing mostly for the corporate world to composing more personal artist music. I also suffer from depression and writing music is the only thing that seems to abate it. Oh and Josh Money is my real name, most people still don't know or believe that.

EDM Sauce: Favorite Beer/Drink?

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Josh Money: Fat Tire. The somewhat official drink of Walter White!

EDM Sauce: If you weren't doing music, what would you be doing?

Josh Money: Decaying in the ground. Or drawing. I'm gonna go with the latter.

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