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SVYR Interview

If you do not already know, James Egbert, a master of Complextro or complex electro style dance music, has a few side projects. One of the said side projects is the more Bass driven, SVYR. With a 5th track called Less Go on the horizon, I thought it might be a good time to check in with James and see what he has in store for us.

Can you tell us a little about what SVYR is? Is it pronounced savior?

The guessing game has been half of the fun of the name thus far, but yes, it is pronounced “savior”.

I have been a fan of the James Egbert brand of music for years now. Does the introduction of SVYR mean the end of James Egbert!?!

The introduction of SVYR is not the end of James Egbert. In fact, I’m currently sitting on a full-length James Egbert LP that is 100% finished and it feels like it’s a major leap above any of my previous work. The creation of SVYR is allowing for the ‘James Egbert’ project to focus more fully on song-writing. And now as SVYR, I’m able to put both feet fully into the Bass-Music scene for what feels like the first time in my career.

I do love the bass heavy sound of SVYR. Can you tell us the difference between creating music that is not necessarily less complex but more bass driven?

I’m really loving the freedom of being able to go all-in on the heavy stuff. Despite the first 5 releases of the project being house, most of the new tunes on the way are at dub/trap tempos, and they’re definitely pushing the envelope on the heaviest writing I’ve ever done. My first love affair with “EDM” was with drum n bass in 2004/2005. Growing up listening to artists like Noisia, Tech Itch, Spor, Evol Intent, Ewun, etc, this return to producing heavier music just feels natural.

Less Go is set to be the 5th release under SVYR, can you tell us about the inspiration behind the track?

My general goal with the SVYR releases has been to create some sort of hybrid of sounds that are currently occurring in the industry. You’ve got the bass-house movement which has just been going insane, and then the Dubstep scene really seems to be thriving at the moment as well, and my inspiration has been to merge some of the energy and sound design of dubstep with a bass-house groove. Throw in a splash of early rave influence, and Less Go!

When composing music, do you already have in mind what project it is for or do you just start creating and decide after the track starts to come together?

When I set out, I almost always have a specific project in mind. When I sit down to write a SVYR tune, my mind is immediately filled with a sense of SVYR’s aura, and I get to follow that feeling down the rabbit hole. Starting out with that image in mind is a huge step in the right direction and has helped provide a sense of focus as I’m writing music for any specific project.

SYVR has been supporting some huge names in the Colorado area, are there any plans on taking the new project on the road?

Yes! It’s been a great few months of shows here in Colorado for me I’m just now beginning to take on expansion. Similar to the early stages of production, where I had to dial in my sonic exploration of what SVYR could be, I’ve finally come into a sense of who SVYR is as a DJ, and with that now honed in, I’m ready to take on the rest of world. Soon.

With James Egbert, Snow Dayy and now SYVR do you ever feel worn thin?

Things have been a little hectic during the past 3 months. I had been trying to put the finishing touches on a JE album that was already a year and a half in the making while also feeling the need to fuel SVYR with new music to keep up with the incoming booking requests for the project. Playing sold out shows has a way of making me want to have new music. So yeah it got a little complicated for a moment, but now that the JE album is done, it’s this huge wave of relief and I’m pouring a load of time in on more new SVYR tunes. Snow Dayy has been a completely different artistic relief, and we’re planning on releasing some more tunes when winter hits (soon).

What would James Egbert be doing if not writing music?

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Good question. I’d probably take on photography or graphic design of some sort.

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