Still Waiting, the latest from PrototypeRaptor, is out on Tasty’s label and it is amazing. This song is reminiscent of the good old days of complextro. In the short shelf life of electronic music, I am talking about 2012, when artists like Wolfgang Gartner, Savant, Far Too Loud, James Egbert, Felguk, and even a young Zedd were blowing my mind.

Still Waiting starts off with the bleeps and bloops you want in a song of this genre. The bass line bounces along and eventually begins to wind itself up giving you a taste of what is in store. More synths crash in at the 1:02 mark in thunderous fashion creating a wonderful melody over a half step drop. The track builds for a 2nd drop and it’s a monster. Growling bass lines and sharp percussion folding over on itself giving that classic complextro sound. When you think the song can’t get any better the 3rd drop hits and it’s filled with breakbeat goodness overlaying a funky bassline that crawls up your spine. The track calms down for its last build as the final drop hits, returning to a half step drop that eventually smooths out to cap off this gem of a track. You can listen to Still Wating below but be sure to grab the free download Here.

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