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Catching Up With Mightyfools: An EDM Sauce Interview

The Dutch duo, Mightyfools have been tearing it up in 2015 and there's more to come from the talented DJ/Producers. Most known for their hits, ‘Footrocker' and ‘Put Em Up', they continue to release solid tracks that are making the clubs go crazy. I had a chance to chat with them about their latest release, plans for the rest of 2015, future collaborations, and many more. Check it out!

Mightyfools have been super busy working on new tracks, and collaborations, so it's only natural to ask what they are most looking forward to for the rest of 2015.

“Well 2015 already been an amazing year so far. We've done releases on Spinnin' Records, Calvin Harris' Fly Eye Records and Yellow Claw‘s Barong Family, all tracks had great response and support. Also a lot of touring, which includes returning to India and South Korea, and visiting new places, we've even been to Kazakhstan! Of course we're really looking forward to rockin' all the festivals coming up, like Tomorrowland Festival, Defqon 1 and Mysteryland Festival.”

Their latest release was a collaboration with Ansol called, ‘ Rebel' which was released for free. The track is packed with energy and powerful drops that will make you hit the dance floor immediately. A question I always have when it comes to collaborations is how the track came together.

“We've started with the concept of the slowing down break, Ansol sent us the stems and we've put most work in the drop. It was a lot of back and forth sending of stems, as both of us work on different DAW's. It's made completely through the internet, bigup to skype haha.The combination of producer styles and also the beat switch makes it a quite unique track!”

How did the collaboration with Ansol come about? How was it working with him?

We've met the guys 2 years ago backstage in Miami at some poolparty, really cool honest and laid back. After some drinks we started talking about a collab. A while later when all of us had time they reached out via twitter and they sent us some stems of the concept with the slowing down break!

Where did you guys develop your aggressive, energetic sound that we hear your tracks?

“This goes back into our personal histories, which, we found out later, turned out to be the same. When we started DJing both of us were into hardstyle and hard techno sounds, with a lot of raw energy, quick mixing and crazy fx. When we met, we really wanted to make a type of house that had the similar vibe and type of energy. Something that works on the dancefloor, that forces you to party. Ever since our first track this was a goal and it still is. We've survived some hypes and got better in production, but the essence of all our tracks still is the same as day one.”


Mightyfools recently posted a picture on Facebook in the studio with Max Enforcer (see above), so naturally I had to find out what's going on and what we can expect from the studio time.

“About two years ago we met him at Mysteryland Festival in Chile. All the artists had an extra day off due to the flight schedule from Amsterdam to Santiago so the whole group of artists went out for drinks, food and some crazy go-kart sessions. We started talking about producing and noticed our mindset was very much a like. Seeing each other again last year in Chile, and having a lot of mutual respect we decided to give it a try and it actually turned out to be great. It's far from done but the first concept we did (worked12 hours straight in the studio!) sounds crazy! Hopefully we can make it into something great.”

A busy summer of touring is quickly approaching for the duo, as they have a lot of shows planned in the Netherlands but not a lot in the U.S.,which lead me to asking when we can we expect to see them in the U.S. again.

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“The summer is always amazing in The Netherlands. It's a small country but there are a lot of festivals. And with that we mean A LOT. It's not strange to do 3 festivals in one day. So during the summer our international touring is always on a low, as we're pretty much fully booked during the summer in our home country. Around August, when it starts getting colder again, we'll be back at the airport every weekend to travel the world and we've already got some tours scheduled for the upcoming winter, including the USA. More details on this coming soon!”

Mightyfools have been in the studio non stop for the past few months, so we know they will have some new tracks soon. In fact, their next single is pretty much done and is a follow up on ‘Lick Dat' with Yellow Claw. Keep an eye out for that one. They also have been been working on a bunch of collaborations which are not fully complete yet but they hope to finish them up soon. They also mentioned new concepts for their own singles and that it's a matter of finalizing things. The duo has and continues to make great tracks and I can only look forward to what next.

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