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Tritonal Interview
Tritonal Interview


Interview with Tritonal [EDM Sauce Exclusive]

Tritonal is a DJ duo that consists of Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed from Austin, Texas. Tritonal formed back in 2007 and as of 2013 ranked #65 on the Top 100 DJs according to DJ Mag. Tritonal releases a new weekly radio show called Trionia after finishing up their 100th episode of ‘Air Up There.'

EDM Sauce: It's very rare that there is such incredible trance artist talent from Texas. Do you see this ever as an issue or a burden when you first started to perform as most of the talent seemed to be from European countries?
Tritonal: Nope! It's blessing to live in such a culturally rich state, and the internet today really provides a “World Market” when it comes to fans and their communication with artists. We play the Tritonal sound regardless of what country we're in!

EDM Sauce: We're big fans of Tritonia over here at EDM Sauce. As you have just finished your 12th podcast, where do you get your inspiration for your sets on this podcast series here? How do you find these new songs?
Tritonal: Well, this may be our 12th “TRITONIA” podcast, but we've definitely been at it for a minute with 100 Air Up There episodes as well! Inspiration for the shows comes from the hundreds of promos we receive as well as mashups, edits, and tracks we produce and play ourselves.

EDM Sauce: We know you are now working with Sirius XM on their Electric Area, how did you decide to pair up with them for your Tritonia podcast series?
Tritonal: Sirius XM is a major influence within the North American region in terms of radio play, and as such we wanted to expose Tritonia to as many Tritonians as possible. It's an amazing relationship, as they also air pretty much every major festival within North America LIVE to thousands of listeners. We'll soon be syndicating Tritonia to over 25 various FM radio stations worldwide.

EDM Sauce: Do you have any upcoming collaborations you can tell us about?
Tritonal: Yes!! One with the talented BT & Christian Burns, our brand new “RESET” with 7 Skies and a couple we don't have the liberty to speak of yet!

Tritonal at Electric Daisy Carnival 2013

EDM Sauce: We saw you perform at EDC Las Vegas on the Kinetic Field and have to say you took one of the Top 5 sets of the weekend. Tell us where you got your inspiration for your set?
Tritonal: Our set was full of big tunes, but we tried to make the set unique in that many of the tracks were either just out to promo, worldwide exclusive debut Tritonal tracks, or mashups. We think we nailed it, the response globally has been nothing short of amazing!

EDM Sauce: What was it like playing on this colossal stage and fans?
Tritonal: Well, it was intense! The amount of people at the festival was in the hundreds of thousands and that stage was the second biggest stage EVER in North America! It was an absolute monster and we are SO THANKFUL to have gotten the opportunity! We were nervous, gotta admit it. Once we got up there though the nerves settled down and it was one of the best gigs of the year for us hands down.

EDM Sauce: Did you see any of the other sets while at EDC?
Tritonal: We were so busy with other shows in Vegas (Pool Parties), interviews, and meet & greets that we didn't play too much at EDC this year. It was all business for us, but hopefully next year we'll be able to spend more time enjoying other artists. Such an INSANE lineup! tritonal

Tell us a bit about Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed…

EDM Sauce: Favorite hobby while not doing music:

Chad [Tritonal]: – Love cardio workouts! Plyometrics & running is life!
Dave [Tritonal]: If I'm not doing music, it's got to be cinematography, some gaming and working out 🙂

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EDM Sauce: Something you have to have with you while you tour:

Chad [Tritonal]: iPhone! FaceTime with my wife is vital, so great to have that source of contact when touring both nationally and internationally.
Dave [Tritonal]: My Laptop! Not only can I FaceTime with my fiance, but inspiration can hit at odd times and it's nice to have it to write music while it's in the head so I don't feel musically stranded either.

EDM Sauce: If you weren't doing music, you'd be doing:

Chad [Tritonal]: Probably Music! lol, but seriously just in another setting like teaching music management.
Dave [Tritonal]: Music, music, music 😛 However, I think I would have given more into cinematography, video editing more if I wasn't writing music.

EDM Sauce: Favorite Drink:

Chad [Tritonal]: Cookies & Cream coke floats!!
Dave [Tritonal]: Arnold Palmer (Lemonade/Ice Tea)

EDM Sauce: Favorite Food:

Chad [Tritonal]: If I had a last meal, it would be a Texas Cheeseburger, DOUBLE MEAT!
Dave [Tritonal]: Pizza!

EDM Sauce: Favorite Country, besides the US:

Chad [Tritonal]: Definitely New Zealand!
Dave [Tritonal]: Absolutely LOVED Australia.

EDM Sauce: Favorite vacation spot:

Chad [Tritonal]: Best islands I've been to so far were the Virgin Islands, so gotta go with that. Someone take me to Tahiti!
Dave [Tritonal]: Kauai 🙂


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