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Seven Lions and Crystal Skies Collaborate On Massive Track: Sojourn

Seven Lions and Crystal Skies have pooled their genius level production skills together on Sojourn. For years I have been trying to spill the beans on how good the duo of Crystal Skies is. Years before that I had a front row ticket on the Seven Lions hype train. This has been a long time coming for Crystal Skies, they have been inching closer and closer to this moment. First by superbly remixing the Seven Lions hit track Calling You Home. Closer still was releasing Never Change on Ophelia Records. All leading up to the great collab; no pressure right? Not for these boys. Jeff Montalvo, Britian Holcomb, and Aaron Dawson do not feel pressure they are pressure. They just put pressure on every producer to create better music since they set the bar pretty damn high.

Sojourn is a classic genre-bending Seven Lions track with amazing Crystal Skies sound production containing epic builds, cascading drops, trance melodies, and bone sawing dubstep. If you happened to have caught Seven Lions on the Journey 2 tour you would recall hearing Sojourn, as it was the opener for that tour. It begins with 3 notes which cry out on the piano. The notes remind me of the opening vocals for the Seven Lions remix of Tritonal’s Still With Me, however, the songs are vastly different. A vibration begins to build that will remain the backbone of the track. The song begins a minute and twenty seconds of hair raising build up. The first drop hits in beautiful melodic form. The second half of the drop descends into razor-sharp dubstep. Sojourn escapes the drop back into that thumping beat, pushing the limits of trance at 150bpm. This upbeat track winds down into a beautiful world cradled by delicate synths and the piano melody from the intro. Sojourn means a temporary stay and that is how this song feels. It swoops in from beauty creates organized chaos for a short time and then fades away.

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