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Nom De Strip Interview
Nom De Strip Interview


Nom De Strip Exclusive Interview + Clouds EP: Vol 2

Nom De Strip otherwise known as Chris Elliott has just released Clouds EP: Vol. 2 which is the second volume to his EP. His first volume was released back in February as you can see here. The new EP contains three new tracks which are labeled “Techno Saturday,” “Seesaw” and “Tyhita.” Read for on for our exclusive interview with Nom De Strip about his career and the new volume of Clouds EP.

EDM Sauce: As you have just released your new EP called “Clouds EP: Volume 2,” What were some of your inspirations behind these new tracks?
Nom De Strip: I felt like with Clouds Ep 1 (Clouds, Pulse & Counting Sheep) I had tried to make songs that people could enjoy listening to at home as well as in a club, but with Clouds Ep 2 I wanted to make music that was more straight up bangers for clubs, I didn't care so much what they would sound like on shitty Laptop speakers. Less melody and more bassy nonsense.

EDM Sauce: Did you know prior to Ultra Music Festival that other DJs would be playing your tracks in their sets or was it a surprise?
Nom De Strip: It was a great surprise to see my stuff being played, I was actually watching the live Ultra stream when Dirty South played ‘Techno Saturday', that was really cool.

I was actually watching the live Ultra stream when Dirty South played ‘Techno Saturday', that was really cool.

EDM Sauce: For those who don't know Nom De Strip, tell us a bit about you and your style?
Nom De Strip: I grew up in Scotland listening to house, banging techno and lots of Jimi Hendrix. I played the guitar and piano when I was a kid and always try to incorporate some musicality into what I make. My style is a mixture of lots of stuff, I find inspiration in most genres. At the moment I'm trying to keep my Nom stuff simple and energetic, fitting somewhere between techno, tech-house and electro, and as varied as i can. Otherwise I'd quickly get bored!

EDM Sauce: Who has been one of your favorite artists to collaborate with?
Nom De Strip: I love working with Hatiras, he's so much fun in the studio. He takes quite a different approach to writing than I do, and when it works we can get tracks down very quickly. And somehow it never sounds like either of our solo stuff!

EDM Sauce: Who would you like to collaborate with?
Nom De Strip: I'd like to work with Tommy Trash, GTA and Congorock in the near future. I'll be spending more time in LA near Tommy and Congo this year so I'm sure we'll find some studio time.

EDM Sauce: Do you have any plans/releases in the future you can share with us?
Nom De Strip: So far this year I've been enjoying collaborating with other artists, there are 4 tracks finished with different producers that I'm really excited about. I can't say when they'll be released yet but some will certainly be on Mau5trap… I've been so busy trying to make deadlines for different projects recently that I'm now going to take a bit of time experimenting and developing new sounds rather than rushing to finish things.

EDM Sauce: What would you like to share with your fans?
Nom De Strip: Goodtimes and firm handshakes.

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