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DSKOTEK Interview and New Release

EDM Sauce had the opportunity to speak to the up and coming DJs, DSKOTEK, who are based out of Los Angeles and have made quite a splash especially ever since playing at Nocturnal Wonderland.

EDM Sauce: For those who aren't familiar with DSKOTEK how would you explain yourselves and your style?

DSKOTEK: Hello we are DSKOTEK pronounced as Discotech, we are two dudes from Los Angeles, who love heavy bass music. We are a producing & deejay duo. Our style is very unique and we can’t really compare ourselves to anyone else; even though we do have a few artists who we are inspired by. We like to focus on heavy basslines, making our tracks melodic, heavy, trashy, any way to distinguish ourselves. We make the music we enjoy. We don’t limit ourselves to one genre. We have made electro-house, dubstep, drumstep, moombahcore, trap, etc. We keep moving forward & have been lucky enough to have amazing support from our fans regardless of the “genre”.

EDM Sauce: How did you think of your name?

DSKOTEK: Ha its pretty embarrassing now, but before we were a duo, I (Jesse) used to dj on my own. Back in the day I heard this song by Younglove called “Discotech” and being huge Mstrkrft fans at the time wanted to change the writing similar to them. That’s how our name came together, and then we formed a duo in late 2009 and decided to stick to the name.

EDM Sauce: Who are your biggest inspirations?

DSKOTEK: Overall our musical inspirations come from Aphex twin, Pink Floyd & classical music. I (Alex) really like the band Tool as well. Electronic artists that inspire us are usually the innovative artists, a few who have and still inspire us today are Zomboy, Skrillex, Noisia, Knife Party, Figure, Borgore, Etc Etc, Diplo… there are so many artists who influence our style.

EDM Sauce: What's been your favorite track so far that you've produced?

DSKOTEK: That’s a tough one, but some of our favorite tunes from the fans are Machine” & “Mega man”… Mega man was fun because we are huge video game fans, so we had a blast making it & we’re happy our fans enjoyed it so much. Our favorite tunes always change since we keep improving on our production and feel our most current track is our favorite since its up to date.

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EDM Sauce: What has been your favorite show to perform at?

DSKOTEK: Last year we played a few Insomniac events, Electric Daisy Carnival, Nocturnal Wonderland & Inception…those were definitely our favorite so far because of the response from the crowd, plus the wonderful treatment we received.

EDM Sauce: Tell us a bit about the people behind DSKOTEK… What is something you always have to bring with you on tour?

DSKOTEK: Jesse & I (Alex) are both Los Angeles natives. When possible, we love to play xbox in our hotel room. We are video game geeks and being able to play games on the road makes us feel more at home. That’s how we met playing video games online. We’ve also made many friends along our travels, so it’s really nice to reunite with the homies whenever we return to their cities. We also thrive on good eating – luckily we have fast metabolisms! We always make sure to dine at the bombast spots in town when we visit new cities, and we also stock up on lots of candy and sweets!

EDM Sauce: When you're not listening to EDM, you're listening to….?

DSKOTEK: Classical music is a must. Also, we enjoy classic rock and metal. We even enjoy Jazz from time to time. We are musicians and music heads in general, so we appreciate good music for its craft. We look for skilled musicianship and song structure, etc.

EDM Sauce: Who is your favorite non EDM Artist?

DSKOTEK: Pink Floyd.

EDM Sauce: If you weren't in the Music Industry, what would you be doing?

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DSKOTEK:  (Jesse) I would have probably been in the marketing industry or involved in event
(Alex) I might have gone into psychology. I have a very philosophical personality.

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