The dreamy electronic duo Majestique recently worked with Miles Hi on the fabulous “How U Been,” which has seen plenty of traction. To get an idea where the pair's creativity stems from, we asked them what their ultimate Musical Guilty Pleasures.

There are some undeniable gems here – check them out!

1) Whitney Houston – “I Wanna Dance with Somebody”

One of the tightest productions we know, I mean listen to that drum programming and synth work. Funky as chickens.

2) Vangelis – “Chariots Of Fire”

The perfect soundtrack for those eureka moments we have when we finish a track or enter a room full of synths.

3) Mr. Mister – “Broken Wings”

Have you ever heard a track like this with so many strange switches? Can you believe a track like that could still turn into a hit nowadays? We don’t even feel guilty about this one, this is pure geniality.

4) A-Ha – “Take On Me”

Whoaaa, the Yamaha DX7 at its best! Too bad they didn’t have auto-tune back then.

5) Jan Hammer – “Crockett’s Theme”

 The birth of synthwave! Do we need to say more?