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Sophia Ayana Shares Her Musical Guilty Pleasures

Up in the spotlight this week is singer Sophia Ayana, who recently released “Mirror” as part of a new collaboration. She shares her all-time favourite Musical Guilty Pleasures with us this week.

1) Shakira – “Hips Don’t Lie”

I mean… Shakira. My childhood in one album. I was 6 when this came out and I remember playing it in my room and dancing to it like I was the girl in the video (now I always think back to little me when I’m on set for my own Music Videos – which is a sick feeling). A big source of inspiration to me, then and now.

2) Alicia Keys – “Diary”

The first real concert I ever attended was Alicia Keys in 2008, and my dad bought me tickets for my birthday. That was sick because Alicia Keys has been my musical guru throughout my teens (kids in high school used to always compare me to her). Also, I sang this song to someone special in the craziest setting… still a special someone.

3) Amy Winehouse – “Stronger Than Me”

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I started recording myself on my Camera in my teens, which was like the first step I made into making singing a career, I think. “Stronger Than Me” was the first song I recorded and felt confident enough about to play for friends. (I still have the recording – it’s shitty quality, but one day I'm going to drop it). Also, the song is bad ass, just like Amy.

4) SZA – “Supermodel”

I love SZA. What she sings about on “Supermodel” is basically what every woman thinks but doesn’t say. SZA also really inspires me vocally, she's got crazy delivery.

5) Mulatu Astatke – “Mulatu Of Ethiopia”

For the culture! I love my Ethiopian culture and the unique scales they write music in. I recently discovered Ethiopian jazz and I gotta say for me this is just the perfect recipe for feeling relaxed, and feeling like I’m back home at the same time.


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