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Last Heroes – Never Again (ft. Derek Joel) + Interview

Last Heroes is a powerhouse team comprized of Brian Helander and Garrett Lucero residing in Colorado. The young duo has shown their mastery of melodic dubstep. Working with artists such as Au5 and Crystal Skies have definitely helped the young producers hone their skills. The two have displayed these exact skills on multiple jaw dropping remixes. The sound development coming from these guys is on another level. It is my pleasure to premiere the latest release by Last Heroes called Never Again featuring Derek Joel here on EDMSauce.

The intro to Never Again slowly enters bringing with it a relaxing atmosphere. Derek Joel’s delightful voice emotes a sadness as the track builds to the drop. The drop hits and the energy that Last Heroes is becoming known for takes the stage. This song is a balancing act of delicate melodies and raw power. Listen to Never Again here and be sure to read the full interview with Brian and Garret below.

B = Brian
G = Garrett

What inspired you to become a producer?
B: I liked electronic music back in middle school and was curious how it was made.
G: Same here for the most part. I’d been playing piano for a few years prior to that and so music had always been an interest to me. I really loved the idea of being able to make your own music.

Do either of you come from a musical family?
B: Not really.
G: Nope.

How did the two of you meet?
B: Online like 4+ years ago, then we started collaborating and hanging out in real life.
G: We knew of each other for some time, but didn’t bring up the idea of being a duo until a while later. We met in person for the first time a couple summers ago.

Where does the name Last Heroes come from?
B: Garrett came up with it randomly one day.
G: What he said haha. We spent a while just brainstorming, and I suggested Last Heroes and we rolled with it.

You have remixed such artists as Seven Lions, The Fat Rat, and Just a Gent. What is the difference in mindset when creating an original vs a remix?
B: I don't think we have a different mindset when making originals vs remixes, but our originals always seem to end up more personal & based off of feelings.
G: For me I see a remix as an opportunity to add your personal preferences and variations to an already great song. As for originals Brian summed that up pretty well. They’re more personal and represent us as producers to the greatest degree.

Congratulations on the success of Breathe, can you tell us what it is like to work with such amazing artists as Laura Brehm and Crystal Skies?
B: Thanks, working with Laura is always awesome and I really like Crystal Skies so it was a super fun song to create.
G: Yeah all around it was really enjoyable. Laura is a great friend of ours and it was exciting to see what the blend of everyone’s sounds would be like.

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Are you guys still in school?
B: Yes, I’m in my first year of college and I hate it.
G: Yep, I’m a senior in high school and will attend college after I graduate.

How do you manage time between school and producing?
B: I just produce whenever I have free time.
G: Same.

What are you guys doing when not in studio?
B: Hanging out with friends, homework, & whatever I can do to stay busy.
G: Homework, watching movies and shows, hanging with friends. But I spend the majority of my time on music.

Would you rather release a full-length album or play your songs on the mainstage at EDC?
B: At the moment I’d rather play the mainstage of EDC but I can definitely see an album in our future.
G: Agreed, I think playing main stage at EDC right now would be super cool. But an album would be awesome once we’ve grown some more.

What the advantages and disadvantages of producing with a partner?
B: Writer's block is never a thing & its so great to have someone to bounce ideas off of. The only disadvantage is when you disagree (but that happens rarely).
G: Pretty much what Brian said. It’s easy to come up with things you haven’t thought of before and it really adds for a lot of diversity in our music. In addition to occasionally disagreeing, the 50/50 split is a bummer haha.

What does it feel like to hear someone else play one of your songs live?
B: Its cool but I’d rather be up on the stage playing them myself.
G: Agreed for the most part. Although hearing Seven Lions play our Cusp flip is pretty mind blowing.

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