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‘On The Move’ with Lucas & Steve [EDM Sauce Interview]

Dutch DJs Lucas & Steve joined forces in 2010 and quickly started to impress the scene with their productions. After releasing on various labels the duo signed an exclusive deal with Spinnin' Records in 2014. Since then they have grown into one of the top duo DJs in the scene, releasing massive hits after the next. EDM Sauce had the chance to interview the duo about their success and their journey with Spinnin’ Records.

Their newest track called Up Till Dawn (On The Move) has taken the scene by storm. Getting the attention of elite artists. Where did you get your inspiration from your newest hit track?

Up Till Dawn (On The Move) contains a melody, derived from Barthezz – ‘On The Move' (2001). We have it in our classic vinyl collection and browsing through it, we’ve always felt a different potential for the track than the original trance classic. We felt the super catchy melody could be made into something entirely different; a full song. Lyrics were written and we produced it into a tropical-/deep-house pop song. ‘Up Till Dawn' has just been released (also out on Spotify) and we’re really grateful for the support it’s been getting on the radio and Spotify. For club support, there will be a club mix”

Last summer Summer On You was released and it was everyone's favorite song. Did you ever expect that Summer On You with Sam Feldt would be so huge?

No! I’ve discussed this a lot together with Steve and Sam, and while we were producing it at the studio, we were just making a song that felt great. We never realized that it would be so big, we were only hoping for such potential.”

How was it working with fellow Spinnin' Records friend Sam Feldt?

Great! We’ve known Sam for some time now. The Netherlands aren’t too big, so it’s easy to reach out to each other. And on an evening out, having some beers the idea was born to make a collab Sam approached us with the vocals and impressed by its potential we decided to finish it together. Really cool studio vibe of course.”

Lucas & Steve knows exactly what they’re doing and is not slowing down at all after the successful summer hit they released their next single. What was it like when you first found out when your single Calling On You reached the Dance Music Billboards and now reaching US radio stations?

In the beginning, we were really cool about it, because from this distance it’s hard to realize how much airplay the track is really getting on US radio. When we were in Miami in March we heard ‘Calling On You’ on multiple US radio stations. That moment we realized that the track had been really growing in the US and we were super excited about it.”

Your track Feel Alive with Pep & Rash, how was it working with them and are you satisfied with the success it’s been receiving? 

‘Feel Alive’ is the second collab between us and Pep & Rash already. There is a reason that we all agreed to do another collab We’re really feeling each other during studio sessions. They’re really our buddies and we work really well together. I wouldn’t be surprised if ‘Feel Alive’ won’t be the last collaboration between us and Pep & Rash. Support for ‘Feel Alive’ has been really, really big! We’re definitely happy with that!”

You’ve collaborated with many artists within your DJ career, what other artists do you wish to collaborate with in and out of the dance music scene?

Working together with Galantis or Axwell & Ingrosso would be really cool! There are plenty others and also working together with pop-artists could have some amazing results.”

Lucas & Steve soared to the top charts around the world with all their mega hits. What would you like to happen in your career that hasn’t happened yet?

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So many things have been coming at us since last year. Many of our dreams have already come true, but of course, the collaborations with some big artists is the industry would be awesome. Obviously, we wouldn’t feel too bad scoring a global #1 hit! haha”

Festival season has officially begun! EDM Sauce is the first to announce that Lucas & Steve will be playing the MainStage at Tomorrowland, a major checkmark off their bucket list for the festival season. 

It has finally been announced! We’re playing at Tomorrowland MainStage this year! Last year we played at the second stage (The Opera, hosted by Lost Frequencies), which was amazing. MainStage was our next target and Friday 21 July this year it's going to happen. We’re really excited! Friday the 28th of July we will be doing a second Tomorrowland show on the Spinnin' Sessions stage. Also looking forward to that one, Tomorrowland never disappoints! There are a lot of festivals that we cannot announce yet, but what I can tell is that we’re super excited to go to Mexico in a couple of weeks (Wish Festival). Also, Summerburst (Sweden) and Sunrise (Poland) are gonna be cool.”

When you are on tour, what kind food do you try to eat the most?

Usually we’re not looking to eat any specific kind of food. However, we will never pass on a good steak or sushi.”

What’s on the horizon for Lucas & Steve?

There’s a lot good music on its way. Of course, first ‘Up Till Dawn (On The Move)’  is on the rise. Besides many solo Lucas & Steve tracks, there will be collabs with Bassjackers, Firebeatz and Mike Williams and Curbi. Meanwhile, our sound is evolving and we’ll keep on raising the bar higher and higher in our productions and shows, that’s how we like it!”

Lucas & Steve are two dedicated artists that will stop at nothing to make their dreams a reality. Making strides and making mega hits for one of the greatest labels in dance music. Lucas & Steve is now on tour (view tour dates), putting smiles on everyone's faces as they light up the dance floors and music festivals around the world.

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