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Interview with Plastik Funk

House musician, Plastik Funk has been around for at least a decade stunning the world with mega hits. With his captivated groovy house style they are a true talent of infusing vocals perfectly to the melodies. Plastik Funk hasn't taken a moment to rest on their laurels all year next to releasing Here We GoLove & Affection, EverSunrise and House Of Bliss compilation on Armada Deep; and a remix for Hugel & Jasmie Thompson on Warner Music. The German, house artist has set off an epic Miami Music Week tour last year and keeps his schedule busy at all times. This includes remarkable Ultra Music Europe performance and a Summer residency at the legendary Privilege in Ibiza and Asia tours. Plastik Funk has traveled the world performing at numerous festivals and cruise festivals such as Groove Crusie and Inception. “I was traveling around playing at Mexico and Chicago and some other cities, I just played at Inception Cruise, it was a lot of fun, I had good set times too, I did the closing party – it was crazy.”

Talent is the main key to becoming a musical artist and passion but it also takes a kickass management team to help you along the way. It’s fairly easy to create a good song that everyone likes and listen to but it’s another thing to have an incredible management handling everything so the artist can only worry about creating the next mega hit.

“It’s always good to see friends that I haven’t seen in a while, we hang out, have a couple of drinks. I’ve got a good PR team behind me so I’m just focussing on music right now.”

“It’s good to a have a good team of managers, three four years ago where I was hustling myself and to try to give music to people but it was the beginning, now it's you have a good label managers they do the promotions, and a good PR, so you can focus on the main thing, meeting people, talking to people, play music, focus on music, I’m enjoying it.”

How do you want to leave your mark on the dance music industry?

“I get a lot of promo music sent to me and I get bored with it really fast because everything sounds the same so for me if somebody remembers your style of music and what you try to do to deliver then I think you’re doing something right. I don’t want to just make music to have it in my pocket, I just want to leave something there where somebody is like ‘oh that’s a beautiful track’, then that’s definitely what I like to leave my mark.”

“It’s so much fun that house music is coming back, I love to play piano, and some nights some vocals, so this real house music is there, sure it's sometimes fun to play more tech and more underground and more commercial as well but I like to play like full house music with vocals and full vocal tracks and there's no better place than Miami.”

What’s on the horizon for Plastik Funk?

“We just signed four tracks to Armada, we have from March for the next four months one release every month, I’m excited to put it out. I’m playing and testing these tracks already and I’ve seen the reactions, I’ve seen the feedback, I see big names playing it already as IDs and I can’t wait to really display it and get real feedback and see people playing it. Every time you release a track it's like you get so excited how it works out and start playing it on the radio. You spend so much time producing it and then its great to see when people really like it, so I’m happy to release a lot of new stuff in the next few months.”

“We tried to lock ourselves in the studio, in January and tried to do sessions like two-three weeks in a row and we always produce in between but that’s the time, when we have our creative face and it really works well, it’s after Christmas, we do a couple of tours here or there but we have time to produce and this year worked out better than ever. We had four tracks done after three weeks and sometimes we needed three weeks to do one track, yesterday we did the final mastering and we’re ready to go.”

What’s your favorite part about your career?

“The whole scene changes a lot, there's a lot, music brings people together, I’m from the other side of the world and it brings people together that’s great, you meet a lot of different characters,    you see different parties, different places in the world. This is something like I really like, EDM, House music, however, you call it, for me as a DJ the best moment is to produce music and present it in your DJ sets and see how the people go crazy about it. It’s like a drug, music is the best drug in the world.”

Listen to Plastik Funk's complication which is out now on Armada Deep.

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