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Miami Music Week is Better Than Christmas for Adventure Club

We had the chance to take a seat with one of the most influential duos in electronic music at their headlining show at the Mana Garage in Miami on Saturday night. Although they were exhausted, they seemed to be loving Miami Music Week more than anyone else in the room. Take a look at what they had to say below and see why Adventure Club loves Miami Music Week more than Christmas.

How does it feel to be back in Miami for another year?

Christian: It’s always a blast man. It’s our favorite time of year because all of our DJ friends are always somewhere around the corner.

Leighton: It honestly feels like DJ summer camp.

So this is better than Christmas for you guys?

Christian: Pretty much. Christmas is kind of boring compared to Miami Music Week.

Tell us a little more about your recent album that came out Red // Blue.

Christian: We spent a good amount of time on it and we are very happy with the final product. It was pain staking but it was a real passion project for us and it turned out amazingly.

Leighton: The response we got from fans was unreal and with each song meaning something totally different to us, almost feeling like it’s own project, it was definitely the most rewarding achievement of our career so far.

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Did you guys find that the influences and sounds from the beginning of your career bled more into this album or that your newer and more updated sounds that have come from growing as artists took the spotlight in this piece?

Leighton: You build your utility belt as you move forward as an artist and you build little pieces of your artist process into one another from when you begin to where you are presently. You are always going to be bringing every musical phase you’ve had with you whether you realize you are or not it’s always there.

Christian: For us, there is a really natural interaction between all of our musical phases that comes together to create the tunes we push out so this album has a little of every time period in our musical lives.

You guys have put together a really awesome event here at Mana Garage with artists such as Prince Fox, TJR, Kandy, and many others. What did the process look like of getting this show together during such a hectic week in electronic music?

Christian: We chose a lot of the acts that we just really love and admire as musicians in this scene. The week is crazy hectic like you said, so that is not to say there aren’t tons of other acts and friends we would have loved to have out. However, with scheduling and timing put into consideration this is the lineup that seemed most viable and we went for it. We’re really happy with how it turned out.

Your set tonight, can we expect heaviness or some more melodic lighter music?

Leighton: It’s probably going to be on the heavier side. We were going to go a bit lighter but after seeing the response from the crowd at Ultra to our heavier music and seeing how hard Prince Fox went just a little bit ago, I think we’re going to have to come out of the gates blazing tonight.

Are you guys seeing the comeback of dubstep that everyone seems to be buzzing about this week down here?

Christian: I think the kids in the crowd are starting to realize how fun it is to do that half-time dubstep dance and are really latching onto the heavier sounds of electronic music right now. They want to headbang, they want to get a little sweaty, and we don’t necessarily see it as a comeback so to say but more of a larger injection that we haven’t had in the last couple of sets we’ve played.

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When someone is leaving an Adventure Club set, what do you want them to be thinking, feeling, saying, etc?

Christian: We try to take them through a crazy rage session of heavy head banging and by the time we leave them we are usually leaving them deep in the feels.

Leighton: We want to see a tear in one eye, and the other one bloodshot from a broken neck.

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