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Kap Slap Talks Upcoming Plans, Focus On Original Music & More

Jared Lucas, aka Kap Slap, burst onto the electronic music scene with his mashups, but now the producer/DJ will be focusing more on creating original tracks. He actually just released his second original ‘Felt This Good', a progressive house track full of positive and happy vibes. You can expect big things from Kap Slap this year with new music and live shows. I was fortunate enough to ask him about his latest release, his focus on creating original tracks, the added pressure in producing originals versus mashups and much more. Check out the full interview below and be sure to support Kap Slap by following him on social media.

Kap Slap

It's been over a year since you released your first original ‘Let It All Out’; talk a little bit about your latest release ‘Felt This Good' and the process behind the track.
“Felt This Good started coming together in August of last year. I was initially drawn to the polar nature of the lyrics, sounding cheerful and major while being pretty selfish and dark when you really listen to them. The final chords also add to the difference between the two moods by being in the relative minor of the lyrics. Fortunately M. Bronx lives 10 minutes from my house so he came over pretty often to help with the track and keep it poppy.”

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Is there a special meaning behind ‘Felt This Good'? What does this track truly mean to you?
“The lyrics were written by M. Bronx so I don’t want to speak for him, but in my opinion it’s basically about the twisted nature of love. Almost everyone has gone through a love that was extremely volatile; this song is meant to capture that essence.”

Talk a little bit about your upcoming plans and your focus on more original productions moving forward.
“Currently my main focus is wrapping up a couple remixes. I’m also putting together my annual Summer Mix which I know some of the fans are waiting for. I think the last one just broke 2.5 Million plays which is awesome. Beyond that I just wrapped up my third original that will release on Ultra Records in the fall and I think this one might be my favorite one yet. I’m also working on a couple originals that I’m going to give away for free since I owe you guys that.”

Are you going to cut back on touring at all to spend more time in the studio?
“So I actually recently signed with William Morris Endeavour for touring which I’m really excited about. I just wrapped up my Mayday Mini Tour and am gearing up for a big fall tour. This summer is dedicated to the music; I’m working on two big remixes right now for two of my favorite artists so I can’t wait to share that with you guys.”

Kap Slap

Do you feel like you have to prove yourself to the fans that you are more than just mashups/remixes? Do you feel any added pressure?
“I've always felt that pressure ever since I graduated college. As much fun as mashups are, I've always had a deep urge to create a catalog of original tracks that I can be proud of. That takes a lot of work and practice; for every good song that comes out there are hundreds of REALLY BAD ONES. That's just the way the creative process works – gotta put in the hours.”

Where do you see your sound taking you? Do you see yourself primarily in the progressive house genre, multiple genres or not having a defined sound/style?
“I don't think I'll have a defined sound or style – my mashups don't stay in one category so why should my originals? I think a good song is a good song.”

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