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MaRLo Discusses His Favorite Part About Miami Music Week [Interview]

Leaving his mark on the charts, dance floors and music enthusiasts the on the world, Australian raised MaRLo has established himself as the number one trance DJ in Australia. As one of the most standout artists on the powerful Armada label with smashing concurrent hits, he has now gained a cult following. Having the success of his releases combined with the energy that MaRLo bring to every performance, adheres to his distinct fame and prosperity. 

EDM Sauce had the chance to have an exclusive interview with the Australian trance DJ, discussing his favorite parts about Miami Music Week as well as his inspiration behind creating his uplifting energetic music with his wife Jano,

“Its like a gathering point so all the other DJs, agents, managers, press, everyone's coming together in the same place its really cool to able to catch up with everyone you know such an amazing environment — the beach, the sunshine, its awesome.”

“We flew all the way in from Australia so its a really long flight, we have 15 hours time difference so we’re completely upside-down and trying to catch up on some sleep but last night I played at Icon with Armin van Buuren and it was absolutely amazing, really cool. On our flight we had Carl Cox, Paul Oakenfold, Ferry Corsten, all these guys are on our flight heading to Miami so yeah like I said its like a big gathering its really cool. Catch up with everyone.”

Trance fans from around the world couldn’t wait to see what MaRLo would bring to ASOT Miami,

MaRLo at ASOT Miami 2016_credit Sander Reneman

“You know what the really cool thing about ASOT at Ultra is that its live broadcast worldwide so that people all over the world can tune in and you know once you post that setup on your SoundCloud or YouTube people can enjoy the set for years, forever really like people still me now oh that set you played at ASOT or in Ultra or where ever else even now. It's really cool, these shows are a start of the year, sort of set you up for the rest of the year, people will know what your sound is for the year, sorta establishing — I’m incorporating a lot of tech-trance and tech-energy style music in my set so I'm sorta showing that at these big live broadcasts festivals for this year this is what I'm doing right now, this is the direction I'm going right now. This is the direction I am heading so there's a great opportunity in that way.”

His inspiration in creating uplifting songs and moving melodies, usually happens ‘organically’ alongside with his wife and vocalist Jano.

“Some songs like ‘The Dreamers’ come about basically sitting together in the studio and I’ll start playing around with the melody and she sorta starts singing.” Jano adds in — “I just sorta start singing, just making things up and sometimes it sticks, sometimes it really doesn’t; we kinda look at each other like this is crap (she laughs) but the times that it comes together nicely we just sorta go with it so its not like we say we’re going to make this style of song or whatever it just sorta happens really organically yeah it kinda has to be for us like we’re not going to get in the studio and be like we gotta make this song or its gotta be like this. ‘The Dreamers’ really came about very organically we just wanted to create something, yeah its cool, its a really nice experience to be able to do that too.”

“Yeah we would be trying to make a song it’ll just be very musical just playing around, start humming something we just jam out and then build it up from there.” Jano — “We usually just try to over complicate it sometimes and we try make it more than it isn’t, we usually come back to the original idea because thats the most organic idea.”

MarLo ‘style sound’ was played in front hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world and tuning in from all over the world to here is incredible set at Ultra Music Festival on the third and final day at ASOT. He was a top favorite that night at Ultra by his trance fans, and even by his fellow DJs friends couldn’t stop raving about his set. The future holds massive explosives of success for MaRLo, with the combination of his uplifting releases and touring around the world to legendary electronic festivals, he will hold no boundaries and will continue to leave crowd in disbelief at every performance.

Listen to MaRLo's set from Ultra Music Festival:

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