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LondonBridge, Space Yacht, and More…

I recently managed to get an interview with artist/Space Yacht co-founder LondonBridge through my friend Jackie (thank you so much). I scheduled a later afternoon time slot and was attempting to prepare furiously an hour before (typical). Within that time frame I had the epiphany that I needed something to record the call (I type with two fingers). After about 20 minutes of trying to find phone call recording software to record my interview I gave up and decided to take my first shower in three days (I forget to care for myself when I work). Two cups of cold brew coffee later I was wired and trying to compose myself and not sound completely psychotic. This interview was conducted in the privacy of my own room in boxer briefs. It occurs as follows.

Me: Hey what’s up? First and foremost, thank you for giving me a little bit of your time today and I am really bummed I came in late to Havoc and missed your set! I know you’re busy, it means a lot! This won’t take long, I just like what you do so I want fans to get a little more insight into who you are and the revitalization you have brought to the dance music scene in Los Angeles/Southern California. (I literally talk too much). 

Me: I would like a little more background. I know you make house, G house, Underground music. I know you are the co-founder of Space Yacht, and I know you are a resident DJ there.

How did you get started into this music scene? Any influences, friends? Were you a musician growing up?

How about musical influences?

Rami: I have been doing music forever. I used to be in a band, I was a singer-songwriter, and DJ in college.Then focused in an Indie Band. Ive been doing house music for 3 years. I've been producing for a year with a partner trying to put together a new sound.

Me: Space Yacht has made a huge name for itself, I live in San Diego and went to school in Riverside. The name has circulated around my circles regularly. What was your intention with this event? How do you think it turned out? How do you choose the artists and venue? How has it happened in the way it did?

Rami: Me and my co-founders Ollie and Henry just wanted to put together a party we could perform at. Space Yacht came about because we wanted to make something like Steve Aoki‘s Tuesday parties. We kind of indirectly created a scene, its been really great. Communal type thing. Personally I like house. I’m not trying to be a trapper or dubstep. I make what I like. Through some friends I met Jeremy Fall, he’s an influencer and he checked out the venue we use. He knew it had to be there. Artist decisions are primarily a group. Ollie and Henry have their ear to the ground for Soundcloud artists. Or Elm Network, Bijou, Boots and Pants, 219 boys, Brownies and Lemonade, and Icon collective. Sometimes we have people come in to take the reins put on what you want to put on it's 50/50. Mostly trappy and future Bass Music.

Me: Los Angeles mainstream has grown incredibly stale. Do you intend to keep Space Yacht in the underground? Do you intend to expand?

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Rami: We want to do a mixer of both. Currently we are having discussions and talking to venues. Leaning towards special things. We are doing year anniversary at Sound in Los Angeles (this already happened). We think its cool to have special events. We are doing the after parties at Snow Globe (this already happened too I suck). Vegas and Phoenix are other cities we are looking at. Vegas has a great scene, they care about culture and music.

Me: So how did the pizza thing come about?

Rami: Pizza was straight up Henry in an email he said, “yo we should bring pizza.” I said, “na that shits corny.” He said, “na I’m doing it.” It happened then became the theme. Just caught on. Really though at 1 am who doesn’t appreciate pizza!?

Me: I know your Snow Globe mix comes out tomorrow. I’m excited! I have the first three saved onto my soundcloud. Is this your first festival of this size?

Rami: Yeah for sure! I have played at Bang On Festival in New York, but it was just the silent disco. This is my first real stage festival. I was pumped when they asked me to do a mix. They were pumped. Finished it yesterday (this was three weeks ago I suck). It is a good representation of what I like and what I'm listening to. It's a nice way to end the year. Good statement.

Me: What type of musical impression did you want to portray? I saw your tweet about the stage you will be playing. Any acts that you want to personally see or collab with?

Rami: I don't really know. I’ve been on my own, itching to continue to build up my sound. Hotel Garuda, SNBRN, Dr. Fresch. They have been good to us and helped us build our community. Those are the guys eventually I would love to work with. Musically Goshfather and Jinco.

Me: I know readers love knowing about the musical process. What software do you use? What plug-ins do you find essential?

Rami: I know so many readers are going to make fun of me, but Pro Tools because I came up recording acoustic music (honestly not that embarrassing because I can't even put 8 bars together) . Pretty basic for plug-ins. I use Sylenth and Massive.We build our own drums. Drum patterns are things I’ve built. Not anti loops, but my beats are best if I constructed myself. Not that geeky, I'm more of a songwriter. I learned and produced.

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Me: Any non dance music that you’re really into right now? Favorite and least favorite genre within dance music?

Rami: I really like, hold on one second that looks delicious my girl got me ramen (hilarious). I’m digging Goldlink and other Snow Globe artists. Run the Jewels. I’m buddies with G-Eazy. Gnash, he does new school Death Cab meets Dirty Bird type artists (I looked up Gnash, he's tight check him out).

Me: Favorite Los Angeles locals only spots you frequent?

Rami: Ok ok sure. Locals only food spots. Ocean Seafood for dim sum downtown. Sanamluang, but it's cash only. Oaks Gourmet.


Check out LondonBridge on Facebook, Soundcloud, and Instagram. He is truly doing things differently and is changing the scene in dance music today. Their communal aim over the superstar DJ game is so cool. His Snow Globe mix is posted below!

Check out Space Yacht on Twitter and Facebook to get the in on their events! If you are in Southern California you have to check this out. Space Yacht is the best thing for dance music. It is bringing back the sense of community that big festivals have sucked dry.

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