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Speakers Made of Cinder Blocks Are in Development

California designer Daniel Ballou isn't afraid to use unconventional material for his products and his latest invention with Dashdot design studio takes the cake. They are currently making a speaker system that uses basic cinder blocks for the body of each speaker.

Below, you can see how the pre-assembled speakers were made with a pre-wired front panel including a 5” driver, tweeter, crossover, and input jack. You can see how the outer protection is provided by mounting hardware.


Explaining the design on their page, “Concrete is a low resonance material that minimizes vibrations and reduces coloration of pure sound delivered by the drivers. A drawback of course is that it’s heavy to handle and ship, and labor intensive to mold. However, cinder blocks are available throughout the world for about a buck (or free in a construction site trash pile).”

The product has been in development for over a year but they are looking to sell the system for $150. According to the site, Ballou and Dashdot are making final selections on vendors and components and are in the “fine tuning stage.” Check out more from Ballou on his website.


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