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Cat Ear Headphones Default
Cat Ear Headphones Default


Best Cat Ear Headphones

Say goodbye to normal headphones and gear up to be unique with some of the best cat ear headphones on the market.

Best Cat Ear Headphones: Welcome to EDM Sauce's guide to the best cat headphones you can buy.

A few years ago, not many people really knew what cat headphones were. Sure there were wireless headphones, Bluetooth headphones, but cat ear headphones? In fact, cat ear headphones were kickstarted on an Indiegogo campaign in 2014. Artist Yuumei designed the headphones, with product developer and retailer Brookstone. While there are rumors of Ariana Grande having her own edition, the founder denied any possible tie.

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Best Cat Ear Headphones List

1. Brookstone Wired Cat Ear Headphones
2. SOMIC G951s Over Ear Headphones
3. Riwbox Cat Ear Foldable Headphones
4. MindKoo Bluetooth Over Ear Cat Ear Headphones
5. Esonstyle Kids Headphones
6. Luckyu Wireless Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones

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Best Cat Ear Headset

Brookstone Wired Cat Ear Headphones

Brookstone's Wired Cat Earphones are the most popular of all of the cat ear headphones. You can enjoy your music privately or you can even turn on the cat ear speakers to share the sounds with your friends. Each of the speakers and lights is controlled independently and the USB rechargeable battery allows you to play 5 hours of playing time. With more than 1,173 total reviews, the Brookstone Wired Cat Headphones are some of the most popular headphones on Amazon.

SOMIC G951s Over-Ear Headphones

The SOMIC G951s offer ambient noise-canceling, high-quality speakers and are compatible with Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, computer, laptops, iPad, iPhones, and a number of other plugins. While this is the case with all of the headphones, the pink cat headphones are highly desirable with their detachable cat ears. The SOMIC cat ear headphones have more than 150 ratings with a 4.5 overall rating.

Riwbox Cat Ear Foldable Headphones

The Riwbox Bluetooth cat ear headphones are a kid's wireless headphones with a lighting theme. Now you can combine elements of color, lights, and music, that can change colors on the fly according to the music. The Riwbox Bluetooth headphones have over 570 reviews with an average of 4.5 stars.

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MindKoo Bluetooth Over-Ear Cat Ear Headphones

The MindKoo Bluetooth headphones offer built-in microphones and volume control. The cute cat ear headphones offer fancy LED lights with 4 different settings. You can expect to play and/or talk for 5 to 10 hours per battery recharge.

Esonstyle Kids Headphones

The Esonstyle kid's cat ear headphones allow you to turn off the blinking LED effect so that you can continue to play your music for longer. With a built-in volume control on the Esonstyle headphones, these headphones are not only convenient but cute too. With over 65 reviews, the Esonstyle cat headphones have a total of 4.5 rating score on Amazon.

Luckyu Wireless Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones

The Luckyu wireless Bluetooth cat ear headphones offer a Microphone and 7 colors LED light flashing modes. The V4.2 Bluetooth connection allows you to connect to any Bluetooth device and can also connect with its 3.5mm interface cable. With more than 95 ratings, the Luckyu headphones have a 3.5-star rating on Amazon.

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