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Forever The Munstas: An Interview With SCNDL

The Australian duo of Tom Grant and Adam Amuso, AKA SCNDL, are taking the world by storm. Their creative minds and full throttle bounce sound have landed them on the EDM radar and their music is being shared across the globe. After having met at an after party, the two realized they shared a love of music and had one goal in mind: To share their music with the world.

“We met at a formal after party we were DJing separately. We got drunk together and I guess the rest is history. If you can’t party with someone, then you shouldn’t be friends haha.”

SCNDL Press shots June 2014 (2)

After hitting it off, it was time to hit the studio as they set out to discover their sound. Taking inspiration from different styles of music, they pushed the boundaries and don’t want to label it as any one genre.

“We do a bit of everything. We do predominately bounce stuff, but we try and add a lot of influences from different genres, combining all the things we love into one. We try not to limit ourselves to what people think that it should be. At the end of the day, if you limit yourself to what’s already out there, then you’re not going to do anything different. We both really like Hardstyle and Showtek has been the biggest influence in terms loving dance music and getting into it. But we love everything, from Kanye West to Trap.”

Drawing so many ideas from different musicians and genres, one of their biggest drives has been this tour. This With has been their first North American tour and with it at an end, SCNDL has never been so inspired to continue their musical journey.

“It’s big a huge inspiration, seeing all the beautiful cities and the people. The passion that we see from the crowds, there’s no way we can stop doing this. For us, this is crazy. We make music in our bedrooms and then for us to have a person love our music so much that they’re going to get a tattoo of us on their arm, it’s crazy. It makes us want to work that much harder and do that much more. This tour has been very motivational for us in terms of a global aspect, with what we want to achieve. We want to come back and improve more and more. We’ll definitely be back for round two, we’re just so booked in Australia.” 

With so many fans around the world, Tom and Adam are just happy to have people listening to their music. SCNDL has already had multiple tracks on the Beatport Top 100 charts and there doesn't seem to be an end to the loyal fan base that SCNDL has built.

“It’s awesome! It’s something different. Charts are charts, the only thing that we like about charts is that people are buying the music and listening to it. At the end of the day it’s not about the money, but about how many people are listening to our music. For us to get into those numbers and that we can rival these massive DJs from around the world, it’s very humbling.”

The fans come out in the masses, enjoying the music Adam and Tom produce. The success of the duo’s recent remix of TJR and Vinai’s “Bounce Generation,” surprised them, as they finished it in such a short amount of time.

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“We honestly didn't even think anyone was going to play it. We had to finish two remixes in two weeks before we came to Miami. We finished them and said “Don’t listen to it anymore” and sent it off. People didn’t know ‘Bounce Generation’ at first and it wasn’t getting great responses when we would play it. Then all of a sudden Martin started playing it and Dimitri Vegas, W&W, and we were like ‘what’s going on?

SCNDL Press shots June 2014 (4)

Between remixing songs and performing, SCNDL still finds time to create more amazing music. Their recent collaboration with the guys from Godwolf, “Forever” is an Electro Bounce powerhouse that’s different from what the guys have done in the past, but it’s already gaining momentum on Beatport.

“We actually wrote the original track about 8 or 9 months ago, but we weren't happy with it. It was good, but it needed something else. Then we met Godwolf and hung out with them for a bit. We played it to them and they really liked it. For us, it’s one of the best tracks that we have. It’s something different, it’s not bounce or anything like that and we love working with some guys from different genres.”

SCNDL’s passion for their music and their fans is undeniable. With fans around the world, the EDM scene differs from place to place, and although the EDM scene differs between Australia and North America greatly, the love and support that they have from fans is without a question, one of the most incredible things for SCNDL.

“The passion is different. In Australia, when people go out to clubs, it’s more to go out, but in North America, 95% of everyone who’s there is there to see us and for the music. It’s an awesome feeling. Even playing for 50,000 people, when you have one person come up and tell you that you’re music has inspired or changed them in some profound way, the fact that you can have that kind of an impact with music, it’s incredible. We just want to say thank you for all the love and support we've had from fans. You guys are the reason why we do this and we can't wait to be back!“


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