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Traktor Audio 2
Traktor Audio 2

DJ Equipment

The New Traktor Audio 2 Interface

Want to get more out of your headphones without buying new headphones? I did too once, that was before I became more knowledgable about audio equipment. What I found out through research led me to purchase my first digital audio converter, or DAC. I presently own a FIIO E17, which has literally revolutionized my headphone listening experience. I also own Native Instruments (NI) gear, which sparked my curiosity of this new release in audio interface technology.

The Traktor Audio 2 MK2 is the world's smallest DJ sound card. Sound cards have the ability to give you more robust sounding music. When low-end or no equipment is used, limits are set to your audio quality. You can start using the Traktor Audio 2 by simply connecting it to Headphones, where it acts as a portable amplifier by giving more body to your sound stage (how your music sounds presented to you). You can also use it as a mobile alternative to more bulkier DJ Equipment. The device weighs in at just over two ounces, with dimensions similar to a deck of cards. It may be the premier portable audio interface for DJ's, especially for Mac users. The Traktor DJ app, available only on the Apple App Store, fully integrates with this hardware. Not only does it look sleek, it acts sleek.

Traktor Audio 2 comes in at a cool $99, with a $50 redeemable voucher towards downloadable content at the Native Instruments store. For another $25, you can purchase a power supply that improves sound through a sustained increase in power. The cable gives the interface capability to charge externally connected devices. The bundle includes a USB cable, Mini-USB to 30-Pin cable for iOS devices, and a Traktor LE 2 software license. I highly recommend considering this product if you have never purchased a DAC, or want the versatility that it provides.

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