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Deezer Music Streaming Will Launch in the U.S. Next Year

Known to have voluntarily avoided entering the large competitive markets of both the U.S. and Japan, the Paris-based music streaming service, Deezer, is reported to launch in the U.S. sometime next year.

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Already available in 180 countries with 12 million free service followers and 5 million paid subscribers, Deezer follows closely behind larger services like Spotify, the Sweden-based company which after one year of its American launch gained one million paid subscribers in the country alone.

Because the U.S. market is notorious for its limited revenue opportunities, especially for the Music Industry, Deezer may continue its current strategy and find a partner for its U.S. expansion as a way to afford the high costs of entering the market.

For example, French telecom company Orange is a major shareholder in the service and has been offering Deezer free with many cellphone subscription models. This allows Deezer to boost revenue and at the same time allows Orange to attract new subscribers.

U.S. networks such as Verizon and AT&T may be targeted for a partnership, however Deezer is willing to partner with other companies outside of the telecom industry as well.

Though the process may be long and a date has not been set for the company to finalize its U.S. expansion, Deezer Co-founder and CTO Daniel Marhely told News agency AFP, “2014 will be an American year for us.”

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