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11 Best Spotify Stats Websites

Having Spotify stats at your fingertips can be a real game changer. Spotify is the world's largest streaming platform, and understanding your audience is essential if you're an artist or music label looking to make the most of their Spotify presence. Fortunately, there are a number of websites that offer up-to-date Spotify analytics for artists and labels. Here are five of the best Spotify stats websites to help you maximize your Spotify marketing efforts:

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Best Spotify Stats Websites

Spotify websites offering analytics and insights are essential for artists and music enthusiasts. Key platforms include Spotify for Artists for tracking music performance, Chartmetric for comprehensive Spotify stats, SpotOnTrack for playlist tracking, Stats for Spotify for performance comparison, and Spotify Wrapped for personal listening habits. Each provides unique features like stream counts, playlist placements, and audience statistics, aiding in marketing strategies and understanding audience preferences.

1. Spotify for Artists – Great for Artists

Spotify for Artists

Spotify for Artists is a great resource for tracking the performance of your Spotify music. It gives artists access to data on their Spotify plays, followers, playlist placements and more. With Spotify for Artists, you can also use insights to optimize marketing strategies and build relationships with fans.


  • Manage your artist profile
  • Pitch songs to editorial playlist staff
  • Promote your music
  • View your stream count and other audience statistics

2. Chartmetric – Great for Artists

is a paid-for AI-powered analytics platform which provides comprehensive Spotify stats including artist comparison charts, daily listener graphs and radio-style streams of current releases. Chartmetric’s powerful search engine allows users to explore new music; it has become a popular tool for labels looking to find emerging talent.


  • View Spotify playlist placements
  • Analyze Spotify streams and plays
  • Determine the hottest Spotify tracks
  • Listen to new music to discover emerging talent

3. SpotOnTrack – Great for Artists

is a Spotify analytics platform which offers data on streams and downloads, as well as insights into trending songs and artists. The site also provides Spotify playlist tracking, allowing users to discover the performance of their playlists and the impact they have on their audience.


  • Detailed monthly Spotify reports
  • Playlist monitoring
  • Artist comparison tool

4. Stats for Spotify – Great for Users

Stats for Spotify
Stats for Spotify
is a Spotify analytics platform that allows users to compare the performance of their songs, albums and playlists. Stats for Spotify monitors streams, followers, saves and other data points over time. It also features playlist tracking which provides daily insights into Spotify playlist placements and performance metrics.


  • Compare song, album & playlist performance
  • Gain insights on Spotify listeners
  • Track Spotify playlist placements

5. Spotify Wrapped – Great for Users

Spotify Wrapped
Spotify Wrapped
is the go-to website for Spotify users who want to know more about their music listening habits. It provides Spotify users with a detailed breakdown of their last year's worth of listening, including the number of total hours they've streamed, their top five most listened-to artists, and much more. Spotify Wrapped even allows users to compare themselves against their friends in order to see how their tastes stack up. Additionally, Spotify Wrapped also includes special quizzes and trivia questions throughout the year that test your knowledge of obscure bands and tracks that you may not have heard before. This can be a great way to find new unknown music or just broaden your tastes in general. With its intuitive design, Spotify Wrapped makes it easy for Spotify users to stay up-to-date with their music consumption habits.

6. Icebergify – Great for Users


Icebergify is the perfect tool for music fans who want to track their listening trends! It collects information on your top 50 artists from the past three different time periods – short-term, medium-term and long-term – and organizes them by how popular or unknown they are. If you love Beyonce, then she'll be right at the very peak of your list; but if, say, you prefer lesser-known acts like Antichrist Siege Machine, they'll be further down. What's more, Icebergify can also reveal artists that you haven't listened to in a while and will even show blank levels if you don't listen to any artists in certain tiers of popularity. All this allows users to get a comprehensive overview of their music habits and make sure that they're keeping up with their favorite bands from all genres. Plus, with its easy-to-understand interface and simple navigation tools, it's never been easier to stay up to date with your own personal music trends!

7. Obscurify – Great for Users

is a great way to get an idea of just how out-of-the ordinary the music you listen to is in comparison to other Obscurify users. It's got some awesome features too, like showing you your top five most obscure artists and then giving you insights into how your music stacks up against other users when it comes to happiness, danceability, and energy. It's a great way to reflect on your own music habits and explore new genres that you might not have considered yet. Plus, Obscurify also has an ever-growing database of interesting musical facts, making it an even more dynamic platform for discovering new kinds of music.

With its deep analysis capabilities and insight into user data, it can provide you with detailed information about each artist or song in its database. This includes things like the genre breakdown of their songs, the lyrics they use most often, as well as their popularity among other Obscurify users. You can also take part in discussions with other members in order to gain further insight into the world of obscure music. Whether you're a person who already knows a lot about obscure music or one who is just starting out, Obscurify is an incredibly useful tool for exploring unknown artists and expanding your knowledge base.

8. Instafest – Great for Users

is a Spotify analytics platform that generates a personalized music festival lineup based upon your most-listened to artists on Spotify. The more that you listen to an artist, the larger the name will appear in the lineup.

9. Discover Quickly – Great for Users

Discover Quickly
Discover Quickly
is the perfect tool for quickly sorting through your favorite playlists, songs and artists. Whether you're looking for something popular or something with a real danceability factor, Discover Quickly has you covered! Not only that, but it also supplies you with tons of insane genres like “deep metalcore,” “acid house,” and “charred death”–genres you won't find anywhere else! With Discover Quickly, creating the perfect playlist of your desired genre has never been easier. You can easily generate a custom-made playlist to fit your specific tastes in mere minutes. Furthermore, if you want to switch it up and try something new, it can even generate a random playlist of songs from a certain genre. In addition to all this, Discover Quickly provides additional information about each song on the list such as its tempo, popularity and key characteristics–all designed to help ensure that your listening experience is as personalized and enjoyable as possible. So whether you're in search of the perfect background music for social gatherings or just want some easy listening at home, Discover Quickly will provide the perfect soundtrack for any situation.

10. Judge My Spotify – Great for Users

Judge My Spotify
Judge My Spotify
adds a playful twist to the world of Spotify web apps, poking fun at users' musical preferences with witty AI analysis. Formerly known as “How Bad Is Your Spotify,” this humorous website uses algorithms to evaluate your music taste according to your top tunes, most played artists and top songs in playlists. It's a great way to have a laugh while taking stock of your listening habits.

The clever AI system gathers data from various sources before running through numerous tests and simulations to determine how ‘good' or ‘bad' your music taste is. It takes into account the genre of the songs you listen to, the frequency of which you stream certain albums or artists, and even which countries some of your favorite songs were recorded in. All this information comes together to generate an entertaining yet insightful assessment of your music collection.

11. MusicTaste.Space

Music Taste

Want to know how your listening habits compare to your friends' tastes? Check out MusicTaste.Space – the ultimate web app for uncovering and comparing Spotify stats. This powerful tool allows users to immediately analyze their account's songs and artists, finding out just how compatible their musical preferences are with family and friends.

Using a broad selection of factors – including acoustic factors, energy, danceability, and happiness – MusicTaste.Space measures the user's favorite songs and artists against the U.S. national average to deliver accurate results that reflect the individual's unique music taste. It also reveals the overlap between them and another person’s top picks – simply send them a link from the site’s homepage.

At MusicTaste.Space, each user is given access to advanced analytics tools that provide an in-depth look into their listening habits and preferences. This can help identify particular trends or genres they may be more likely to enjoy based on what they already love to listen to, as well as new music recommendations tailored specifically for them! The website also makes it easy for users to discover new music by highlighting popular songs rated highly by other listeners around the world – perfect for expanding one’s library with fresh tunes!


Using Spotify stats websites can be a great way to benchmark your Spotify performance and measure the impact of your Spotify campaigns. Knowing which Spotify stats websites are right for you will help ensure that your data is up-to-date, accurate and actionable. From Spotify for Artists to Chartmetric and SpotOnTrack, there are plenty of options out there to maximize your Spotify marketing efforts. So what are you waiting for? Get exploring!


Is Spotify for Artists free?

Yes, Spotify for Artists is a free analytics platform which allows you to access Spotify data and insights.

Are Spotify stats websites accurate?

Yes, the Spotify stats on reputable websites are typically reliable and up-to-date. However, it’s always best to double check the accuracy of your data before using it in decision making.

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