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LANDR Studio is a holistic music production suite designed to cater to the diverse needs of modern musicians. From mastering to music distribution, and from plugins to collaboration tools, LANDR Studio offers a plethora of features to help artists streamline their music production process.

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Key Features:

  1. AI-Powered Mastering:
    • LANDR’s proprietary AI mastering engine analyzes your music to deliver precise and personalized masters without relying on generic presets.
    • Offers unlimited MP3 & 36 WAV masters per year.
  2. Music Distribution:
    • Distribute your music across 150+ streaming platforms, including giants like Spotify and Apple Music.
    • Retain 100% of your royalties.
    • Benefit from prompt and human-centric customer support.
  3. Sample Library:
    • Access to a vast catalog of over 2 million exclusive and curated samples from top producers.
    • Receive 1200 royalty-free sample credits annually.
  4. Plugins & Tools:
    • Equip your studio with over 30 production plugins and essential tools.
    • Stay updated with new releases throughout the year.
    • Avail 25+ bonus plugins and courses.
  5. Remote Collaboration:
    • Collaborate seamlessly with peers using high-quality video chat that integrates with your DAW.
    • Features include messaging tools, project storage, and time-stamped feedback.


With the exclusive discount, LANDR Studio is available for $99, offering a total value of $3134 for a fraction of the price.


Eric, a producer, shares his experience: “Before LANDR, I was spending a ton of money on different services, and it was challenging to keep track of my projects. Now, everything is in one place, making it much easier to work on my music.”

LANDR Studio is a one-stop solution for musicians looking to simplify their production process without compromising on quality. Whether you're mastering your latest track, searching for the perfect sample, or collaborating with a fellow artist from across the globe, LANDR Studio has got you covered. With its competitive pricing and comprehensive features, it's no wonder that it's trusted by industry giants and budding artists alike.

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