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Doctor P Interview
Doctor P Interview


Interview with Doctor P [EDM Sauce Exclusive]

Doctor P aka Shaun Brockhurst is an English dubstep producer and DJ. While Doctor P is Shaun's main stage name, the 27 year old artist also goes under the drum and bass aliases such as Sounds Destructive, Slum Dogz and DJ Picto. Shaun Brockhurst is the co-founder of Cricus Records alongside Flux Pavilion, DJ Swan-E and Earl Falconer.

EDM Sauce: Are you familiar with EDM Sauce by chance?
Doctor P: Actually I have read a few articles on EDM Sauce recently!

EDM Sauce: With your recent live performance at EDC Las Vegas, I have to ask what you thought of EDC this year?
Doctor P: I was very impressed with the production and organization this year. All insomniac events are excellent, but EDC Vegas was on another level this year. The production on the main stage blew my mind! and being in Las Vegas just makes the whole thing even more surreal.

EDM Sauce: Where did your inspiration from your set come from?
Doctor P: In the past (before i started DJing) I would sometimes find myself being bored by DJ's performances, so that definitely inspired me to try and make my show as entertaining and stimulating as possible. I don't usually play a track for more than 90 seconds, and there are very few parts of my set where the energy drops out.

EDM Sauce: Did you get to check anyone else out this year?
Doctor P: I didn't really have time to see any other performances; we landed a few hours before my set, so I wasn't able to spend much time at the festival. i managed to go to the main stage briefly, just to marvel at the size of it. It is definitely the most impressive stage I’ve ever seen. Doctor P

EDM Sauce: What's an upcoming show you're looking forward to this next year?
Doctor P: Well I was really looking forward to EDC Vegas, and there is a lot of hype about the digital dreams festival in Toronto, so I’m interested to see what that will be like.

EDM Sauce: So there's been a lot of talk about “Dubstep is Dead” what's your thoughts on this issue?
Doctor P: When I am standing in front of 37,000 people who all know the words to every single dubstep track I play, I can't quite believe that it is ‘dead'. It'll be ‘dead' when nobody is making good dubstep anymore, and that is definitely not the case at the moment. I don't really believe it can die anyway; it will just evolve into something else.

EDM Sauce: I have to to tell you, I'm a huge fan of The Champagne Bop… Where do you see your sounds progressing to in the future?
Doctor P: My philosophy has always been to make whatever music i want to make, and not to worry too much about where it will fit or who will like it. I must admit – I would like to start making a wider variety of music, rather than just loud pumping dance floor tunes.

EDM Sauce: What's your relationship with Circus Records like lately and how is it with everyone involved?
Doctor P: I am still involved with running the label, but less so than i was 2 or 3 years ago. We have a good team working in our office in London, and I trust them all to run everything. I am a bit of a control freak, so it's kind of difficult for me to let go and allow them to do things without me!

EDM Sauce: Do you see yourself doing any collabs with any of them in the future?
Doctor P: Everybody on the label talks about collaborating, but we live in different parts of the UK, and we are all touring constantly which makes it hard to get anything done together. There are loads of tracks which we've started together, we just need to finish some of them!

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EDM Sauce: Do you plan on using Sounds Destructive, Slumdogz or DJ Picto in the near future?
Doctor P: We definitely plan to do more slum dogz tracks at some point, but I am focusing on my solo tracks at the moment. Slum dogz studio sessions are always fun, I would definitely like to get back into the studio with those guys and do some music. Working alone is good because i have complete control, but working with others is way more fun!

EDM Sauce: Do you have any other alter-aliases you'd like to try out?
Doctor P: Sometimes I think it would be cool to make some music under a secret alias and see how people reacted to it. I’ve got a feeling people would guess it was me though, you can't hide anything from fans nowadays.

Doctor P

EDM Sauce: As it seems that EDM is starting to get really hyped in the US, do you plan on introducing more music here in the near future?

Doctor P: I have an 8 track ep coming up (or you could call it a mini album i suppose). I have tried to stay with the same sound people expect from me, but with a few little twists to keep it interesting. It will drop later this year, as soon as i have a chance to sit down in my studio and finished it up!

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