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Interview with Brillz [EDM Sauce Exclusive]

EDM Sauce: You recently released a remix of Jay Z’s Dirt Off Your Shoulder with scratch-master Z Trip. Did you have to make any adjustments when producing this track? Or was it more like, first you guys produced the track, then came the scratching?

Brillz: Me and Z Trip were in the studio working on some other music and we were just vibin’ out. The studio sounds really good. When we were done i just pulled up some projects I was working on just to see how it sounded, and when I pulled up the track and he realized it was a remix of that he just pulled up a sample and started cutting it, so it kind of just happened organically. So then I said hey, were doing this together now! So it wasn’t really planned at all.

EDM Sauce: What was the experience like traveling with Kill the Noise and 12th Planet on The Black Magic Mystical Wonder Tour? Did you pick up any tips? Was there a specific show that really stood out to you?

Brillz: John wasn’t on the whole tour he was on like 4 or 5 shows, but those definitely stood out. I mean you pick up everything from those guys like when they’re playing, how they’re interacting with the crowd, the way they pick their tunes, the vibe, they’re just really good DJs and they’ve been doing it forever. Yeah its pretty dope. I would say St. Louis was a pretty hyped show, it definitely stood out.brillz

EDM Sauce: When on tour, what do you do to kill time? Is there even time to kill?

Brillz: There isn’t, especially the tour we just did there was a lot of flying, so you’re flying all the time and when you have free time, its like an hour here an hour there, you’re just chilling out, maybe just getting some food, doing emails, taking a lot of naps. You’re staying up late, you gotta wake up early to fly. If you have like three hours you’re running the nap hard, real nap shit.

EDM Sauce: As a kid, did your parents have any musical influence on you?

Brillz: No, I think that’s where I developed my own kind of thing, they like music but they never really listen to it. So my first exposure was video games, TV, and just playing instruments.

EDM Sauce: It’s been almost two months since you released your LP Twonk, which has no doubt skyrocketed your publicity. How rewarding is it to see your hard-work pay off?

Brillz: It’s very rewarding. That’s the only way to say it, it’s like you hope people like what you’re doing, you wanna be as proud of it as you can. After that it’s kind of like a bonus, so it definitely feels great.

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EDM Sauce: As a trap producer, you’ve pursued a career in such a specific genre of music. What will it take to keep this genre alive?

Brillz: I’m not an authority on that type of question. It’s not up to me, I guess to keep any genre alive you need producers who are pushing boundaries and making good music and inspiring other producers, and obviously an audience thats excited about it, but music these days you can pretty much count on something else coming soon, but I don’t know what.

EDM Sauce: With the summer ahead to you intend to continue touring or spend more time in the studio?

Brillz: lots of both!! I keep it pretty balanced

EDM Sauce: Daenerys of House Targaryen…Any comments?

Brillz: Wifey material.

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