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Exclusive Interview with Schiller

Schiller aka Christopher von Deylen is a German ambient-electronica producer. Schiller's inspirations are electro classics such as Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk and Jean-Michel Jarre. Mike Oldfield once said that Schiller's music was “Music that moves one really deep inside.” Read on for our exclusive interview with Schiller.

EDM Sauce: Hi Schiller, for those who don't know you how would you describe your music?
Schiller: I would describe it as electronic soundscapes under the influence of pop, ambient, edm, krautrock and some hints of world-music.
difficult to ifnd the right tag for it, some people simply call it ‘global pop'.
Schiller Music
EDM Sauce: How did you originally get into the electronic music scene?
Schiller: A good friend of mine introduced me to the music of german electronic-pioneers Tangerine Dream. i was twelve years old then and since that moment i have lost my heart to electronic music.

EDM Sauce: Who is one of the artists who inspired you to be where you're at today?
Schiller: I guess the combined influences by Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre and Kraftwerk is still driving me. They had the privilege to create their core-oeuvre during a time where their sounds were genuienely “new”.
As it becomes more and more challenging to produce really New Music these days, I still admire their curiosity and patience.

EDM Sauce: I see that you used to be in a duo, so when did you decide to take your career solo?
Schiller: When I realized that my ex-partner who used to work as a DJ wanted to focus more and more onto trance-music only, we decided to split. I like music without genre-boundaries and I intended to move more towards a versatile electronic style.

EDM Sauce: What is one of you most memorable experiences?
Schiller: Well, although it might sound corny: being on stage for the first time was a staggering experience. I started relatively late with playing live, in fact it took me two studio-albums before i dared to perform in front of an audience for the first time and another album before i dared to go on tour. It changed everything.

EDM Sauce: Who has been one of your favorite artists to collaborate with?
Schiller: Neil Tennant.

EDM Sauce: Where do you see your music progressing to?
Schiller: I have absolutely no idea. It evolves, grows, changes. I am curious myself where SCHILLER will take me to. But i love it, and i do not want to do anything else with my life.

EDM Sauce: If you're not listening to Electronic Music, you're listening to….
Schiller: Electronic Music 🙂

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